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Too Fast

I still carry Wes around when we go places. He’ll be FOUR in May. When I make these two statements together I know how ridiculous they sound. When I see pictures of us (like the one in the paper) of me and this GIANT KID on my hip, I see how ridiculous it looks. (I have started carrying him on my back more because that looks less silly.) Yet I still do it. Partly because he’s so adorable, “Momma, will you hold me? I will keep you warm.” Partly because, I know how fast it all goes away.

E is 3 weeks away from being SEVENTEEN. That is an adult in the wizarding world, you know. He could get is apparition license. He’ll be leaving me for college soon. And yes, we all know that kids come home during the holidays and summers, but is their top priority family? Nope. It will be just like it is now. Family moments will be interspersed between moments with friends and school and other obligations. And there are many, MANY obligations. So fewer and FEWER family moments.

So I can’t help but hold on to Wes. There’s a good chance he’ll be our last kid. And as I see my oldest son enter adulthood and I spend fewer and fewer moments with him, I feel this uncontrollable urge to hang on to Wes for dear life. E is my constant reminder to SAVOR EVERY MOMENT because those moments will be gone before you know it. It’s not that I want to carry E around everywhere :), but I miss those moments and I know that when they’re gone with Wes – when he stops asking to be held – my heart will be quite sad.

Also…it gives me one hell of a left bicep. Which allows me to do this awesomeness which that adult child of mine filmed yesterday.

(I really just wanted an excuse to show off this video! Hence the final bicep comment. I’m trying for cohesive bragging here, people. )

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  1. HA! When Jeff was 2 my arms matched, when he was almost 3 my left arm became my “Emergency Use Only” arm, and at 3.5ish I could punch through walls with my right arm and my left arm can muster little more than a gallon of milk.

  2. 🙂

    It never occurred to me in any of your photos that it was weird for you to be carrying him, but that may be because I have a three year old of my own. I hold her all the time, but I certainly don’t have any cool skills like handstand push-ups to show for it. You rock!

  3. Children are made to be carried! Until they are too big or heavy for you to do so! I say carry on! You’re absolutely right, it all goes much tok quickly. “Babies don’t keep…”

  4. My youngest is 10 and she doesn’t seem to mind jumping into my arms…on the count of three…for the occasional body hug, either. Also, holy crap, can I borrow your biceps?

  5. Keep on carrying him as long as he will let you. It does go by too fast.

    Also, I’m in awe.

  6. I still carry my 5-year-old sometimes. It occurred to me that maybe that was weird, but I want to do it while I still can! Plus it is so NICE to hold her. That little monkey. Maybe I’ll stop when she’s six.

    That said, I’m nowhere near being able to pull that stunt you have going in that video. WHAT ARE YOU, A ROBOT? Some kind of very human-like ROBOT? (Say yes. I need you to say yes so that I feel better about my noodle arms).

  7. I had to pop out of the Google Reader woodwork (a rare occasion these days) to tell you just how impressed and awed I am by your handstand push-ups. You are incredible! And strong! Way to go, lady.

  8. I still make Kevin (21) and Hannah (17) sit in my lap from time to time, because I obviously can’t carry them. The time goes by way too fast and I only have days left with them in the house. The best piece of advice I could ever give parents of young kids is what you said, savor every moment. Even those things that you think drive you crazy, those are the things I think about missing when I imagine them out of the house. Crazy, huh?! Once again, thanks for sharing.

  9. My baby is turning 17 next week. Carry and cuddle Wes as often as you can – the season of little kids flies by too fast.

  10. the only reason i don’t carry my baby boy around everywhere is cuz he’s 10 and too heavy for me to lift now. you know Duke Ellington got his nickname cuz he was so spoiled he supposedly never walked anywhere til he was 6? that cracks me up.

    ps you are a stud. “This is my mother…” heeheeha…

  11. I totally carry Harris around all the time. He may be turning 4 in June, but he’s still only 30 lbs and utterly adorable!

  12. No kids of my own, but my youngest nephew turned 10 last fall. He has always been the snuggly one, and while he was sitting on my lap I commented on how big he was getting. He said, “I’m only turning ten, and I promise I will only grow two more inches!” (Don’t tell anyone, but he’s my favorite.)

    Also, after being a serious couch potato for the last however many years, I’m being encourage by two my sisters (who have been running for the last couple of years, to run a 20K race in June. According to them, I have to be able to run three miles by the end of March in order to complete my training and be ready for the race on June 2. I’m doing Couch to 5K to start. I have four sisters and our plan is to have all five of us, ranging in age from 48 to 35, run the race together. Wish us luck!

  13. If it helps at all – I surprised the HELL out of myself doing that. I didn’t know I could do it!

  14. I keep telling myself that: “YOU WILL MISS THIS LATER!” I’m not sure if it’s working or not 😉 but I do remind myself that constantly! And I hang out in E’s room all the time just chatting with him, I’m sure he’d rather me not 🙂 but I can’t help it!

  15. GOOD LUCK! I’ve run races with my brother before and they’re always the most fun!

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