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‘Proud Of Myself’ Is Such An Understatement


Several weeks ago (maybe even months by the look of our registration numbers) I got the brilliant idea to run a midnight 5K as a way to celebrate New Year’s. It’s a VERY small (please remember that part as I tell this story) VERY new race sponsored by a local spa. My brother and his wife were going to be here at that time and they’re fit people always up for fun challenges, so it seemed like the perfect thing for us all to do together. So we did!

Fast-forward to Saturday evening. I had run 7 miles that morning, Donnie had gone on a bike ride, but we were still feeling pretty good as the weather was PERFECT for a New Year’s 5K. There were about 125 runners (VERY SMALL) and the course went around several parking lots and access roads. We got started and chatted with the Mom of a 5-year old (Maybe 6? No more than 7) about the awesomeness of her daughter. When we got to the first mile the dude said, “8:08.”

WHAT? My PR is 25:39. At an 8:08 pace I’d surely beat it. So I tried my best to keep that pace the whole time. I’m not good at pacing myself, so I wasn’t able to keep it exactly. But, I crossed the finish line at what I THOUGHT was 24:58.

I was TOTALLY PUMPED. However, I didn’t want to post to Facebook about it until I saw the official time. We waited for a bit, had some REALLY yummy food, and finally the times were posted.


ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I mean, I was THRILLED I PR’ed again, but SO CLOSE to under 25? BAH. I was almost mad at myself. Until I saw something next to my time: 1/6.

1/6? What does that mean? I looked up and realized. OH. THAT MEANS I CAME IN FIRST IN MY AGE GROUP.

(And yes, I thought that in all caps.)

Y’all! I WON. Typically races give out prizes to the top finishers in each age group. You know, $20 gift cards to Fleet Feed and such things. This time? Because it was sponsored by a spa? I GOT A GIFT CERTIFICATE FOR AN HOUR MASSAGE. ARE YOU EVEN KIDDING ME?

So – my goal for 2012? RUN MORE SMALL RACES.

Donnie came in third OVERALL. As in, THIRD PLACE OF THE WHOLE RACE! (Do you love the all caps? This is me trying to be MORE annoying in 2012.) Of course, those first two guys? Were also in his age group. TOUGHEST AGE GROUP EVER. So he “only” got a third place prize. BUT STILL.

14+ months ago I finished a 5K in 33:03 and was DAMN PROUD because I beat my goal of coming in UNDER 35 MINUTES. If you had stopped me that day and told me that I’d end 2011 by finishing a 5K in 25 minutes flat? I would have laughed in your face. A LOT. LOUDLY. AND POINTED AT YOU FOR BEING DUMB.

So…I ended 2011 fittingly considering I spent the whole last part of the year calling it “The Year Kim Got In Shape”.

Maybe now I should say: “2011: The Year Kim Won First Place In Something.”

13 thoughts on “‘Proud Of Myself’ Is Such An Understatement”

  1. Kim!! What a perfect New Year’s Eve!! You are quite the inspiration! I absolutely loved being there to see your shock as you were called to receive 1st place. This has been such a fun year to listen and watch you achieve do many of the goals you’ve been working hard on. You are one dedicated woman and I couldn’t be happier to call you my sister. Love you bunches!!

  2. I love that you left this comment because you’re upstairs in my house RIGHT NOW. You are HYSTERICAL and AWESOME all at the same time 😉 Love you!!!

  3. That is incredible! I can’t imagine how you must feel, even after reading it! I am hoping to call 2012 “The Year Karen Was Able to Walk 20 Feet Without Sounding Like She Just Ran a 5K.” How’s that sound?


  4. That is so rad!!! I’d be ridiculously excited. My times suck, and I’ve only done, like, 2 races ever. But my 2012 goal is also to run more small races. I figure I’ll feel less embarrassed about my lack of running skillz with fewer people.

  5. Man I needed to hear this. Right now I’m proud of finishing a 5K in under 45 minutes, and that time frequently makes me feel fat and lame. So I need to remember that even though I’m ridiculously slow right now, I might be only a little ways away from a faster time if I just keep working.

  6. Congratulations! That’s wonderful and I’m super proud of you and happy for you, and your hubs! And Heather, baby steps – you can do it!

  7. That is awesome! You are truly inspiring to me, as I am proclaiming 2012 as the year Tonya get’s fit. I will be telling myself as I am fighting going out in the bitter cold for a walk/jog “what would Kim do”, your are badass!!!

  8. Wow! That is amazing.

    I really need to find a boot camp in my area as you have been such an inspiration.

  9. Congratulations!! That is wonderful — the progress you’ve made, the time, and the 1st place!

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