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My Starkid Adventure

I don’t know why it has taken me so long to write this entry. Actually, I do know. LIFE IS INSANE. But I’m redesigning my site and I want to test it out with this entry!

If you don’t know what Starkid is, I suggest you watch this video. Pay close attention to the VERY BEGINNING when they discuss all of the teenagers. You’ll see me in line. NOT BEING A TEENAGER. Also pay attention to the 0:27 mark where you see me getting autographs and not looking as dorky as I felt.

Now that you have your Starkid refresher…on my for story!

I landed at the airport where Jen was going to pick me up. I had never met her before but knew I spotted her as she pulled up in the car she had described. I waved excitedly and then this other woman waved to her too and I thought Oh, Crap. That’s not her. BUT IT WAS HER. And the waving lady said, “I’m sorry I waved at your friend! Thought she was someone I knew!” To which I said, “No problem. This is the first time she and I have met so you confused me a bit.”

Then she looked at me like I was crazy.

Jen was awesome and drove me to Silver Spring where we had coffee and chatted about boobs. (WHAT?) I went to my hotel and checked in to wait for my fellow Starkid Heather. And then…do you know what happened? I SAW ALL OF TEAM STARKID AT MY HOTEL. It was insane. I sat there text Heather frantically but kept my cool and just smiled at each of them. KEPT MY COOL.

Heather came to the hotel, knocked on the door, and we squealed like schoolgirls when we saw each other. I knew then that flying to Baltimore to see the show with a fellow Starkid? BEST DECISION EVER.

We tolerated being in line with a bunch of crazy teenagers and got in to meet our heros and get their autographs. And then Joey Richter, the guy who played a lead in all of their musicals, said to me, “Weren’t you at my hotel earlier?” YES! THAT WAS ME SMILING AT YOU BUT NOT STALKING YOU, I SWEAR.

We were right in the front row and I had more fun than I’ve ever had at any show ever. They played all of my favorite songs, I danced like a maniac (even while being squooshed by crazy teens), and I screamed at the top of my lungs. I highly suggest you find a time to fangirl out some day because it is GOOD FOR YOUR SOUL.

I will never forget the trip or the show. So glad I shared it with a good friend and I hope we get to do it again someday!

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  1. We will DEFINITELY do SPACE again if they do another tour, and I have intentions of LeakyCon in some later, not this year and probably not next, future. I had SO MUCH FUN. You’re right. Letting your inner fangirl out is just… good for you. Thanks for being awesome. (i miss you)

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