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Yet ANOTHER My Teenager Is Amazing Story

Here’s a story I’ve told everyone on the internet BUT those of you here on my blog because it happened amidst a crazy level of chaos and I never got around to writing about it.

The Saturday before I flew to Baltimore, E took Nikki to see Shrek The Musical with a couple of his friends. As the story goes, Nikki basically projectile vomited while sitting in her seat inside the theatre DURING the show.

E immediately broke into PARENT MODE, grabbed her in a basket hold and ran out of the theatre. When they got in the lobby she continued puking in the garbage can while volunteers in the lobby stood by not really knowing how to help. He was really needing another pair of hands, but no one seemed to want to join THAT party. Part of me understands…PUKING CHILD! RUNNNNN! But another part of me sees a teenage boy trying to care for a sick little girl and wonders why NO ONE stepped up.

Eventually he made it to the bathroom where he was getting her out of her puke-covered clothes when an EMT came in. Evidently the workers in the lobby decided THAT was the help he needed. An ambulance. He frustratingly explained that he didn’t need medical attention, but a glass of water would be nice.

His friends were there to help him when he came out of the bathroom. He had taken off his button-up shirt and put his sister in it while he put her puke-covered clothes in a garbage bag. His friends sat with his sister while he ran, probably half a mile or more, to the minivan that was parked quite a ways away. He got her home and told me what all had happened. I had two thoughts:

1) OH MY GOD. I have the most AMAZING teenager EVER. Seriously? Can you BELIEVE IT? He totally rocked out an awful situation like a superstar.

2) OH MY GOD. Better him than me.

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  1. Super big brother to the rescue!!! I remember when my brother was little he used to get nose bleeds and I’d be there holding his hand while he stood over the sink freaking out – then again if he was ill I’d probably sleep through it rather than be there to help (or be running away grossed out!) Then again on the other hand two years ago I stopped on my way home from my friends to attend at a traffic accident because the EMTs (well not cos I’m in the UK lol) hadn’t got there yet and it looked bad (don’t worry my best friend was stood with my phone and car keys in one hand and her phone in the other hand to call for help if it was needed for our safety.

  2. Courtney – Huntsville, AL – I'm a late 20's Southerner who tries to juggle too many things at one time. My husband and I moved to Alabama a few years ago from Tennessee. I grew up in the theatre and on the stage thanks to my ballet training. Nowadays, I spend most of my time grading papers and forcing high school brains to function outside the box. TwirlingOnTiptoes makes me feel stress free and calm - which is what I want to think about whenever I blog. However, I end up doing a lot of venting so maybe this is a happy place AFTER I'm done blabbing.
    Courtney says:

    Yep, he’s awesome. I don’t handle punk well, so he did a lot better than I would have.

  3. And again, I regret not having had a child when I was 20 to help with the child I have now that I’m 36! Awesome story (except, of course, for the puking sister…)

  4. An ambulance? Seriously? Some people 😛 What a great job he did though! Makes me want to have kids 12 years apart – as if I’ll have that option haha seeing how I’m 28 now with no prospects in sight 😛

  5. What an amazing big brother and teenager you have! (And I must admit the visual imagery I have in my mind is amazing too!) From getting to know you, I can tell you not only a great person but an awesome mom to raise a kid who handled that so well. 🙂

  6. Awww poor Nikki–I hope she is feeling better. And what a great big brother story, she and Wes are so lucky to have such an awesome big brother

  7. You should be so proud! You’ve raised a responsible, caring teenager . . . AND that teenager is male! The world needs more guys like this.

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