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Brain. Fried. Send. Donuts.

This week is going to be INSANE. We have a huge party at our house on Friday night and our Half-Marathon on Saturday. Every spare minute of my week (I have TWO meetings tonight. TWO.) will go to prep for the race or the party. Therefore, my brain is already frazzled so I’m going to play the Bullet Post Blog Entry Card for an easy escape this Monday morning. But let me reiterate – MY BRAIN IS FRIED. I can not be held responsible for logic errors or misspelling within these bullet points.

  • E participated in District Trumbauer this weekend. This is an annual theater competition of sorts and he performed two “Individual Events” (That’s what they’re called, even though some are duets.) and I got to see both of them on Saturday. HE KILLED THEM BOTH. They were both comedic pieces. In one he played a guy who hired a prostitute just to scratch his back; and in the other he played Joseph in the stable after Jesus was born, except it totally doesn’t go down how the Bible says it does. Basically Mary has to tell Joseph what sex is and explain that he is the father of Jesus. They were both HYSTERICAL. He made it to State with both!
  • Both of my small children are in the phase where they seem to have “forgotten” the basic rules we keep in play at all times. Don’t Wrestle In The Car. Don’t Climb On Glass Tables. Don’t Play With The Cords Under The Computer. Things like that. This weekend? I spent more time exclaiming, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” than anything else. It’s like their brains stopped functioning sometime Friday afternoon. My insanity is contagious evidently.
  • I used Borax on my stinky clothes for a few weeks and while it worked better than my normal detergent, it still didn’t work perfectly. I gave Tide Sport a try at your suggestion and OH MY GOD. It almost worked TOO well. The clothes smell almost TOO good. It’s definitely perfume-y and not at all stinky, but I can’t tell if I like running in clothes that start out smelling so good. I was impressed, though. And I’m definitely going to keep using it!
  • We all know I love GLEE even through it’s insane storylines and horrible gimmicky episodes. But tomorrow night’s episode? Looks AMAZING. They’re tackling the Losing Your Virginity story from two angles: Finn/Rachel and Blain/Kurt. It sounds like it’s done sweetly and respectfully but most importantly? It sounds like they treat both stories EQUALLY. This makes me so happy because, the more we can show that gay couples are just as normal as straight couples, the further down the road we get to acceptance as a society. I’m so looking forward to this episode tomorrow night, not just because I love seeing Kurt happy, but because I appreciate what Glee is trying to do for Gay Teens across the world.
  • My race is Saturday. SATURDAY. I’ve had a hard time deciding how to pace myself. I have a wide range of paces on my long runs…I’ve done 9-10 miles at 9:25-9:35 paces but I’ve done 14 miles at 10:30 paces. I’m trying to decide where to put myself on that scale so I feel like I’ve pushed myself, but that I’m not miserable while I’m doing it. One of my coaches is going to pace some of us at 2:07 (as in – that would be our finish time) so I’m going to stick with her. And if I’m feeling good towards the end, maybe push it even harder to the finish line.
  • I know I had about 14 other bullets I wanted to write, but right now? They are locked up in my brain somewhere between a reminder to get candy melts at Hobby Lobby and the name of the girl I need to call about helping us out with a theater event. So…you’ll have to settle for just these bullets. If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll remember the others and I can write ANOTHER bullet entry tomorrow! (This may be my WORST blogging week EVER.)

5 thoughts on “Brain. Fried. Send. Donuts.”

  1. Good luck this weekend! 2:07 would be an awesome finishing time.

    Also, I thought of you this weekend while I was running my 1/2 which I SMASHED by the way. Once or twice I was like maybe I’ll walk then I remembered your post about running the entire race and I did.

    This was my 2nd 1/2 ever and I came away with a 21 minute PR and an official time of 2:28:15.

    Your blog has been an inspirational read 🙂

  2. Barrett told me about E knocking it out of the park Saturday! Congratulations to both of you, as I know how very much you support him all along the way. Honestly, not really surprised that he blew them away, he is amazing on the stage and so much fun to watch! Tell him congratulations for us!

  3. If Borax doesn’t work quite well enough when you just add it to a load of laundry with your regular detergent, you can soak just the stinky clothes in a Borax solution for a while before washing them. I’m not sure how much Borax to use for this or how long you should soak the clothes, but directions should be on the Borax box. It’s probably the same as pre-soaking cloth diapers.

    If you prefer Tide Sport, you might be able to find printable coupons for it here: That’s the coupon database on the Coupon Divas website.

    Good luck on your race and everything else!

  4. So excited for Glee – not sure if I’ll be able to watch it and it’s killing me!

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