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Six going on Sixteen


Six years ago I gave birth this rotten child.

What? Oh. It’s her birthday, I’m supposed to be sweet and loving, right?

It’s funny, I read a lot about providing strong role models for young girls so that we have more Veronica Roths (What? I’m a YA Fiction nut, of course she’s my Go-To Young Awesome Female) and less Kim Kardashians in 15 years. While I’m certain I’m doing my part encouraging Nikki to be strong and independent, she is also teaching ME that there’s nothing wrong with clothes and makeup. She spent two hours last night playing in a 1st Grade workbook her Mimi gave her for her birthday, but she also obsesses over what to wear every day. I’m learning a valuable less from her – princesses and professionals are not mutually exclusive. We don’t have to teach them to be one or the other, turns out they’re born to be BOTH.

She has made me a better person in every sense of the word, and I’ll do my best to remember this in 8 years when she’s cursing for not letting her wear sweatpants with “CUTIE” written across the ass.

Happy Birthday, my Math-Loving Fashion Diva. Thank you for teaching me that clothes can be fun. My converse needed a break.

15 thoughts on “Six going on Sixteen”

  1. Happy Birthday Nikki! Guess this is my six year anniversary for reading your blog too because I first found the blog on the day she was born.

  2. Happy birthday to your fashionable girl. I was originally scheduled to have my second on this day. Imagine we could have had two kids with the same birthdays. Funny πŸ˜‰

  3. Happy birthday, Nikki!

    An only somewhat related observation…One of the things I’ve noticed is stuff on the butt of outfits stops around the 12 month mark. Infant sleepers have cats on the butt, or bears or ducks, or whatever. The toddler feetie pajamas though, those might have monkey feet, but there are no more monkeys on the butt. I’ve decided this is for a reason. It means we are supposed to stop wearing clothes with stuff on the ass around one year old. Those sweatpants need to disappear!

    I think Nikki is way to fashionable to ever do the cutie on the ass sweatpants though. But still, they shouldn’t be made.

  4. Not a fan of the pants with words on the butt. It will probably be passe’ by the time Nikki is in her teens.

    Have a great day (both of you!). Birthdays are milestones for moms, too.

  5. Here’s hoping Nyk retains her fashion sense and knows better than to label her own behind πŸ˜‰ Happy birthday, kiddo!

  6. Aww! Happy Birthday, Nikki! I keep forgetting that she shares a birthday with my youngest niece. I totally remember (you know, like I was THERE or something) when you brought your middle child home from the hospital. I love the phrase “princesses and professionals are not mutually exclusive” — I have to remind myself of that every now and then.

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