Seven? Eight? Twenty? What?

The Couple That Swims In Mud Together...

Donnie and I decided not to give gifts for our anniversary this year. He’s never been a big fan of shopping for me anyway, and this year we need a new dryer so we thought the budget, and our sanity, could use the break of the burden of gifts.

But I think it’s funny – because if there’s any year I want to celebrate our marriage? It’s this one.

As a family, we’ve come so far in the last year. We have both taken on loads more, as have our children, so the necessity of teamwork has grown and we’ve risen to the challenge. I’ve moved past a lot of my guilt issues and handed over the wheel to him as a parent several times a week. He’s let go of his need to win everything and takes it down a notch to attend a boot camp with me, or do a 10-mile run, or swim under mud with me after climbing walls together.

We’re just at a good place in life. Which is nice, since we’ve been together over ten years and married for…how long? Seven? Eight? Hell, I can’t be expected to remember that.

EIGHT. I think. Yes, we’ve been married EIGHT years.

Either way – long enough to be in a rut. But we’re not. We still enjoy each other’s company, even though it’s been very rare lately. We’re participating in runs together, which is such a fulfilling thing to do as a married couple. We’re volunteering together for E’s theater program and we take a break sometimes to enjoy ‘Parks and Recreation’ together. The funny thing is, the things that make up our lives now? Weren’t anywhere on the horizon when we got married. We knew nothing about drama or musicals. We weren’t runners. We didn’t watch a lot of TV. I didn’t cook. Or take pictures. We’re such different people in such different places than we were when we said, “I do.” Yet – we’re still happily married. We’ve changed and grown together, where so many grow apart.

I’m just happy. Still. Seven, EIGHT years after we were married, I’m happy. Happier than last year, even. Which makes me look forward to next year.

I love you, hon. Thanks for being such a big cheerleader for me on all of my journeys.

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  1. Yeah for growing together! Marriage so often gets a bad rap in our culture, but done right I think it can help you be the best you.

  2. Happy Anniversary! It’s great that you guys are growing together, and not apart. And you both clean up good, too!

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