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This Day Was Insane. And Also INSANE SOME MORE.

Pre 13 milesDisclaimer – I’ve reread this entry and can’t quite get it to make sense with punctuation. Or words. Or spelling. Or grammar. Please know this is simply indicative of how tired I am. I promise I’m not either A) Drunk or B) Having a seizure.

It’s Saturday night at 7:46pm. I want to be in bed sleeping, but I feel lame and fear waking up tomorrow at 3am, so I’m sucking it up and trying to stay awake at least until 9pm. THAT IS SO LATE.

This day has been one of the most insane of my LIFE. Let me start by summarizing my week. Every day this week I woke up between 4am and 4:30am for boot camp. Every night but Monday I ran in the evening. One of those days was 6 miles worth of hill work, another was 4 miles worth of tempo runs. Basically, before today, I had 22 miles over four days. BEFORE TODAY. I just want you to know how chaotic my week had been before I even woke up this morning, so you can REALLY appreciate the level of exhaustion I’m at this moment.

Now…on to TODAY.

4:30am – Wake up. Head to Fleet Feet by 6am with Donnie to run 13 miles with my half-marathon training group. We hired one of E’s friends to spend the night at our house so the kids wouldn’t be alone. (E is at his Dad’s.) While we were gone, one friend was going to pick Wes up at 8:30 to take him to breakfast, another friend was going to take Nikki to her soccer game.

6:40am – 9am – Run 13+ miles.

9am – Donnie goes home to shower and then immediately heads to E’s high school to help build/paint sets.

9am – Kim goes straight to Nikki’s soccer game after her run. Then after the game goes straight to friend’s house to pick up Wes.

11am – Go home, bathe.

12noon – Head to E’s high school to give the kids to Donnie so he can take them home for naps and I can have a meeting with a teacher about a meeting Monday.

1pm – 3:30pm – Start working with costumes for ‘Alice in Wonderland’ with the cast.

4pm – Pick up Donnie, Nikki and Wes and run to an early dinner before the football game.

5:30pm – Take Wes and go get groceries and birthday presents for Nikki as her birthday is Wednesday.

7pm – Come home, unload groceries and put kids to bed.

7:30pm – Sit on couch and decide the only way I’ll be able to stay awake until 9pm is if I write a blog entry.

Basically, I didn’t sit down for more than 10 minutes at my house until 7:30pm. And I’ve got about 5 days worth of exhaustion built up behind my eyelids which are TRYING TO CLOSE. The house is a DISASTER. Sink is full of dishes. Dirty clothes everywhere. Carpets need vacuuming, floors need cleaning, and I’ve got about 10 emails I need to send before bed but my brain isn’t functioning enough to send them. Hell, the grammar and spelling atrocities in this entry alone should show you I do NOT NEED TO BE SENDING PROFESSIONAL EMAILS.

Nikki’s birthday dinner with the family is tomorrow and she wants pumpkin bread instead of cake. I haven’t made it. My kids haven’t had baths today and I really need to shave my legs.

And this week? Big Huge Meeting Monday night. Group run Tuesday night. Nikkis’ Birthday Wednesday night. Book club and group run Thursday night. Boot camp every morning.

In other words…tonight is my night to catch up on sleep or miss my chance again until next weekend.

But, as exhausted as I am. And a little bit of a basket case because I’m so tired. I also had a really easy run this morning. And to run 14 miles and be able to say it was “easy” is a huge step. AND Wes was uber-sweet and loving today. AND we had some yummy hot wings for dinner. AND I’m drinking a beer right now. So life is good. I’m just tired and having one of those moments where I find myself thinking, Maybe…just maybe…I bit off more than I could chew this year.

But, since I’m too tired to do anything about it, I’m just going to go to bed.

3 thoughts on “This Day Was Insane. And Also INSANE SOME MORE.”

  1. So, babe, I kid you not when I say that you have come up a MILLION times in conversation this weekend – mostly people going, “Wait, you’re here.. where’s Kim?” – and asking if you were, indeed, as awesome as you appear online. And I tell them – SINCERELY – that they only know the half of your awesomeness. That aside from your amazing ability to juggle everyone else’s stuff, you have such an innate kindness and good nature to you that you inspire others. And they’re like, “YEAH, WE KNOW. WISH *SHE* WAS HERE.”

    Basically, there is a kick-ass group of women who look up to YOU.

    Hang in there, babe. Dinner soon.

  2. You’re awesome, Kim. I don’t know how in the world you keep up with your schedule, let alone actually DO all the things on it!

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