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DSC_5809When I was in high school and periodically found myself obsessing over or maybe even dating a football player, I learned what a two-a-day was. It was a practice schedule over the summer than implied the team would meet twice a day. Once in the morning, once in the evening. The players HATED two-a-days. One practice was enough…they wanted to rest all day before or after. Two eliminated that rest time. I know that HELL was used to describe them more than once.

I’m currently living their Hell.

NOW…let me say. In a weird, twisted way – I’m kinda liking it. Boot camp in the mornings, running with my training program in the evenings. Two workouts a day. Yesterday I did stretch/core workout at 5:30am and did a 6 mile run last night, with about 3 miles worth of speed work built in the middle. And while it sucks, because I’m worn the hell out, it’s also AWESOME because I FEEL AMAZING. I did my 1200m runs last night (3/4 of a mile) in under 6 minutes. I’m sore from Wednesday’s boot camp, I’m tired from doing two-a-days three times the week, but I feel GREAT.

Now…Let me put out this disclaimer. I know this all ends in four weeks. After that I’m not being held to a group running schedule. If I want to run it’s something I can do on my free time. As opposed to during my daughter’s soccer games (which I’ve missed MANY times due to my group runs) or on night when I’ve got a million things that need to be done. I can deal with the chaos in my life for four more weeks. I could NOT do this forever.

So I’m tired. I’m behind on my housework and my party planning (I’ve got a couple things I am planning in the next few weeks). Some days my brain is friend and I stare at the screen at work looking at CSS I wrote myself and can’t make sense of it. Other days I get headaches no medicine cures because my body just wants to SLEEP. I feel periodic twangs of INTENSE GUILT over missing some of the evening stuff the kids are doing. (In my defense, I’ve also missed a lot of group events for soccer. I’ve done many of those runs alone. But they’re MUCH better in a group and this late in the training I need all the help I can get.) I’m sore in a new place every day. I have nasty blisters and I’m losing toenails.

Still…I FEEL GREAT. And I know that makes me COMPLETELY INSANE.

But guys, I woke up naturally at 4am like I do most mornings. I jumped out of bed and did air punches. I DID AIR PUNCHES. That’s how good of a mood I was when I woke up this morning. I ran 6 miles last night, 3 of it speed work, AND I WOKE UP FEELING AMAZING. So amazing I did a Stallone impersonation in the dark by myself. See? AWESOME and INSANE.

This is our last boot camp of the session, so it’s our Personal Challenge day. Our goal is to do a series of exercises faster than I did them four weeks ago. I woke up doing Stallone punches, so I’m hoping I’m going to kick my first week’s time in the ass.

And if I don’t? I’ll blame that fact that I’ve obviously LOST MY DAMN MIND.

3 thoughts on “Two-A-Days”

  1. You rock! Last night as I was running 7 miles in prep for my long run (12) tomorrow I was reading blog posts like this one in my head. I’ll add this post to the list for tomorrow 🙂

  2. You are clearly crazy, but obviously enjoying it, so good for you! Seriously, it’s amazing that you can stick with a regimen like this for even one week, let alone four. I’m still stuck on the LOSING TOENAILS business.

  3. That is seriously impressive. I think you’ve mentioned it before (on twitter, maybe?) but I can’t find it – what’s the name of your bootcamp? My cousin and her husband just got assigned to Huntsville and she’s looking for a good one. (If I’m making things up and you didn’t actually share the name and don’t want to due to crazy internet people, no worries.)

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