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One of my favorite Pinterest boards is my Photo Projects board. It’s everything from poses for photos, as well as fun things to do with the photos after they’re taken. That’s where I cataloged the idea for this pose which is PERFECT when you have kids spanning a wide range of heights.


I also saw variations of this on Pinterest. Dangling a child upside-down for a photo. It’s a perfect way to make sure they’re smiling and adds a little bit of personality to a photo. These are the photos I’ll probably frame because they’re the ones that will make people stop as they walk down the hall.

It’s that time of year when we’re all thinking about the pictures we’ll use on our Christmas cards. I always do a collage because I can never decide on one photo, what about you? Do you have any fun poses you’ve done for your family pictures? Do you do your own cards (I design mine Photoshop) or do you use a service like Shutterfly or Tiny Prints? I’d love to use those services but I can never find the perfect photos the perfect dimensions…and I’m annoyingly picky when it comes to my Christmas Collages. My bathroom floors my be disgusting…but my Christmas Card WILL BE PERFECT.

3 thoughts on “Family Photos”

  1. I like using the postcard option on if you time it right you get great deals. I use the picasa collage maker and have had good results over the years – I like how easy it is to put a little text onto the picture.

  2. I’ve been using pinterest for poses, too, just keeping my eyes open for photo opps either for when I’m doing photography work or when the time comes for my own family!

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