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Autumn Chase

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Now…on to brag about my DAUGHTER! She ran the Autumn Chase yesterday. It’s just a 1-mile fun run, but it’s a huge event kids from all over the city attend. As legend has it, Donnie won a medal in 1st grade from doing the mile in 7 minutes plus some.

Nikki had never run a mile straight before yesterday, but we were pretty confident she could do it. Wes went first, and finished in 17 minutes (he walked/ran the whole thing by himself!) so she had been running for a few minutes when he finished. I picked him up and ran back along the course to find her. When I got to her, she was already zapped, having sprinted too hard at first. One of the high-school aged pacers was with her, trying to encourage her. I started screaming for her and y’all? SHE STARTED RUNNING AGAIN.

(Yes. I AM trying to take some of the credit for her success. What?)

She was SPENT, guys. I could tell. By the half-mile point she was practically crying. I was running along cheering my heart out for her because I could tell it helped. When she got to the last stretch I left Wes with Donnie and ran the whole way with her and she was miserable. BUT SHE NEVER STOPPED. NEVER. She just PUSHED herself like she had no choice.

It was AWESOME. Crazy, but AWESOME.

She was corralled for a bit and feeling that post-race misery. We got her water and then headed to the pavillion to listen to awards. By our count, she came in THIRD but we didn’t want to get her hopes up. We knew she was top 10 so we knew she’d get a special ribbon, but we held out telling her about the medal until they announced 4th place. Then we KNEW she had come in third.

When they called her name? I CRIED. Not because she got third, but because she showed a sense of determination during that run that was AMAZING. She didn’t get that from me. I’m good…but I don’t have that Push Myself To The Point Of Puking thing. That’s ALL Donnie, there. But I’m just as proud of her for showing it as I am when he races and I see that side of him.

That’s my girl, there. On the WINNER’S PODIUM. No longer wishing she were dead and feeling DAMN PROUD of herself.

As she should.

Oh, and then she went on to play a soccer game. WHERE SHE SCORED A GOAL. Yeah. That’s all her Dad, right there. I push myself, but I also know when it’s time to stop pushing and turn on an episode of ‘The Vampire Diaries.’

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  1. Nikki! ROCK ON!!!! WELL DONE!!! So much better than I could do!!! And then you scored a goal at football (Sorry soccer!!!) YOU ROCK GIRLIE!!!

  2. Awww I got all stupid teary reading this. How awesome! I hope one day that I can write this same post. Great job mama and Nikki!

  3. I guess we are just a family of wimps, because if that was my baby, and he was tuckered and crying…well, I would be screaming too. But I’d be screaming, “go! OR stop! Whatever you want! It’s okay to stop! OR go! Or stop! I love you either way! Go! OR STOP! ACK!”

    Just to be clear, it’s super great that you encouraged her to do something awesome, I’m just not sure I wouldn’t want to rescue my kid. Ack!

  4. It’s weird…I kinda KNEW that she didn’t need rescuing. Wesley, on the other hand, I was encouraging him to take breaks. It’s like I could sense with her that, even though she was miserable, she was so DETERMINED that I just felt like that’s what she needed. Wesley on the other hand? I was encouraging him to stop 🙂 He’s more like me!

  5. I got tears in my eyes reading this! How exciting for her to come in third!! I would have been a weepy mess if my daughter did that and got a medal – heck I am a weepy mess when she performs in her preschool show at Christmas! One of the greatest joys of parenthood – seeing your kids really try and accomplish what they set out to do!

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