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E's Room

For several months there was NOTHING on E’s walls in our new house. And then, for Christmas he received a few things for his room (One you see in the picture is this ‘Alice’ poster designed entirely with text from the story.) that we hung up at the beginning of the year. But until this summer? Those things were the only items gracing his walls.

This summer gave E some free time at home and he spent the every second of it cutting out things from magazines, digging through old stacks of posters, and buying items to hang on his walls. I absolutely love it. I’ll go in there some nights while he’s doing homework and just stare at his walls. There is a method to some of the madness, themed collage areas, and I think I actually like the Katy Perry area the best. He did a great job.

Of course, I photographed it; not only to document how cool his room is, but also to prove how weird genetics is.

Kim's Office

This is our office that I call my office because I’m mainly the one who uses it. My walls would be as covered as E’s if I had a solid summer to collect things to hang on the walls. This is basically me hanging up everything cool I get for a year. Pictures from the kids, performance posters for E’s school, pretty greeting cards and even one page of paperclips from Anthropologie. They’re just too cute to use! I prefer to look at them!

I’m sure there not a gene for Hanging Crap On Walls, but I do know that whatever it is? It’s obvious we share it. And it’s probably a good thing I’m married to someone who does NOT share this tendency or else there’s no telling what the rest of our home would look like.

2 thoughts on “Decorating.”

  1. Once upon a time there was a 12 year old girl who had a wall in her bedroom that was covered from top to bottom in torn out pages from Bop and Tiger Beat magazine. This wall featured the bodies and faces of five very awesome dudes. They were known as the New Kids On The Block.

    I feel like I should state, for the record, that my obsession ended at about age 14 and I do not currently listen to or fantasize about any of them anymore.

    It also seems like Pinterest is the new collage wall for displaying pretend boyfriends. You know, for us grown ups.

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