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Youngest Child Feeling A Bit Left Out

Grumpy & Jealous

Wes was a little unimpressed with the “OMG! FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!” attention that was going on with Nikki and E yesterday. I tried to lavish some attention onto him because he moves up to the official Preschool class, but he saw through my veiled attempts and decided just to be clinging and grumpy ALL DAY. He wouldn’t take a picture with his sister, even when his very tired big brother did. Instead, he spread himself out on the front stairs cuddling the zebra his Daddy had when he was a kid. And even though he’s never shown any affinity for stuffed animals…yesterday THAT ZEBRA was the only thing that would console him. Well, the Zebra and a nap on the brick stairs, evidently.

He wanted to sleep with the Zebra at naptime so I didn’t bother grabbing it when I picked Wes up yesterday. BIG MISTAKE. Had it come home with us, he wouldn’t have touched it all night. But because we left it? It was all he wanted. This was SO WEIRD because he is just NOT a stuffed animal kid. E was. I was. His sister still is. But Wes? Has never really gotten into the whole Stuffed Animal thing. Of course, this was all upsetting during the whole HOW WAS EVERYONE’S FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL? routine. So, I offered him one of my stuffed animals. Me Ewok which my Dad gave me when I was 10. If you’ll recall, that Ewok carries more sentimental value than any other object I own.

Grumpy & Jealous

Wes curled up with Ewok on the dog bed. Which is second only to the brick front stairs in the Grumpy Spots To Lay Down category. I told him he had to be very careful with it because it was my favorite. And no: HE COULD NOT TAKE IT TO SCHOOL. I’m no dummy. But it was a decent replacement Zebra for the night.

It’s tough being the youngest. This is not something I can empathize with as I am the oldest child. I think yesterday was the first day I really saw the whole Youngest Child Disadvantage thing in action. Haven’t noticed it to such a degree before. Any of you guys youngest in your family? Do you remember the First Day Of School when you were still too young to go? Or will this be one of those days that fades in his memory but not in mine?

Either way – even when he’s grumpy and pouting – my kid is damn adorable too. Good thing, because I’d leave him on that front stoop if he wasn’t.

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  1. This was totally me (youngest of four). My mom used to make up pretend homework for me and let me eat my lunch (at home) from a lunchbox so I wouldn’t feel left out.

  2. I am the youngest of three. I STILL remember how upsetting it was when my sister and brother went to school. And since I didn’t have pre-school or anything, I remember having a hard time with it for MONTHS. Now that I look back on it, I realize that must have been really hard on my Mom! But! Because of it, I always loved school once I was able to go, so that was a plus.

  3. I haven’t even read this post yet, but I wanted to say that the first picture here is incredible. I hope you frame it.

  4. Dude, add to the first day of school thing that my big sister and brother got to go and I didn’t? My dad was a teacher! Talk about left out. But yeah, it just made me more excited to go when it was my turn – and I ended up being close to a professional student after that (part way to a Master’s Degree even). I’d still go to school if we had the resources and time for it. Love school.

  5. I’m the youngest of 4 with a 7 year gap between me and the next youngest. I don’t remember being upset about their first day of school at all – maybe because that was the way it always was compared to Wes’ situation. What I remember the most is that the older siblings knew every little “dumb” or embarrassing thing I did and would retell it for years to come for their amusement. Since I was the youngest I had no recollection of their embarrassing moments to do the same. I hated that.

  6. I’m a youngest, and don’t remember any first day of school angst. I do remember being in kindergarten and telling my neighbour I was upset because we didn’t get any homework! Ahhhh if only I knew 😉

  7. ME! ME! I’m the youngest and even though now that I’m 30 I STILL get sad when my brothers get to do things first, GOD.

    Whoa. Clearly I’m over it. Ahem. Anyway! I totally remember this feeling (from, apparently, like, yesterday.) All I ever wanted to do was be included in the Big Kid stuff, and I was always worried that by the time it was MY turn, everyone would be all “oh, right. Kindegarten. Whatever, that is like SO last year. Call us when you’ve hit middle school, killer.” And man, I couldn’t even muster up a smile when my brother got into college, because like, COME ON. 10th GRADE IS REALLY HARD YOU GUYS DOESN’T ANYONE CARE ABOUT THAT?

    Youngest kids are really fun to have around, I’m thinking.

    On the VERY EXTREME upside: even though everyone did everthing before me (/melodrama), it was always totally awesome when it was finally my turn and I got to do it BETTER. Yes, I know, me getting my drivers license is totally not a big deal because everyone ELSE already HAS one, but guess what suckers? I didn’t fail my test the first time like ALL OF YOU. etc etc.

  8. I immediately noticed the zebra. I was given one as a newborn. 31 years ago is Melbourne Australia. Same zebra!

  9. I can’t add any first-hand experience, being an only child, but I have a friend who says she learned how to tell time by spending her mornings staring at the clock, checking to see if it was finally time for her older brothers to come home from school and play.


    (not bitter at all)

    Unrelated – what is it with dog beds? TONY WILL DO THE SAME THING when he’s grumpy. EVEN IF THERE’S A DOG ALREADY IN IT.

  11. Wes comes home, sits in the other dog bed (the one by the door) and takes off his socks and shoes. It’s his weird ritual. He HAS to do it while sitting in the dog bed. We didn’t know at first, we just kept seeing his socks/shoes in and around the dog bed, we finally paid attention one day and caught him in the act.

    Something about those dog beds 🙂

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