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This Was Not In His Job Description


E invited Nikki to go with him Saturday night to see the musical Hairspray at a local high school. That, in an of itself, was worthy enough for me to tell you about it. How awesome is that? He invited his little sister for a night out to an event that would be attended by many of his friends! HE’S SO RAD.

Then…she evidently fell asleep during the show. (It was late!) He ended up having to carry her (She’s almost SIX, she’s not a baby anymore, she’s a CHILD.) out of the theatre and hold her for quite some time while they waited for all of his friends to mingle. He evidently humored himself and his friends by joking about where he could put her down to give his arms a break. LIKE THAT BUSH! That looks sturdy!

(He’s funny too!)

And if that wasn’t enough…her booster car seat came apart from the back (which happens) and his friend had trouble putting it back together so E had to put Nikki down. IN THE GRASS. How hysterical is that? He said he just put her down gently, fixed the car seat, and then picked her back up. She slept through the whole thing.

And finally…on the way home he thought the night was essentially over. But Nikki woke up and had to pee. OF COURSE. He tried to encourage her to wait until they got home since it was 11pm and few things were open. She insisted she couldn’t wait. So what did they do? He pulled over to a Waffle House on the way home and ran her in to go to the bathroom. At 11pm at night. ON A SATURDAY. There could be many scenarios where he would be hanging out there at that same time with his friends, but not that night! That night he was participating in an emergency bathroom break with his 5-year old sister.

They made it home where I was waiting up for them. Nikki was wide awake, of course, and chatted enthusiastically about the parts of the night she remembered. E, on the other hand? WENT TO BED. He’d had a rough night, you know.

(He’s kinda awesome, isn’t he?)

20 thoughts on “This Was Not In His Job Description”

  1. I think my heart might have just BURST from my chest! What an amazing young man you have raised. Way to go E!!

  2. E is such a sweetie! He deserves a massive hi-five for being super cool! Big Brothers/Sisters who take care of their younger siblings like that all deserve a hi-five

  3. He is awesome! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a teen-age boy (or girl, for that matter) who is as great with their little siblings.

  4. That is so sweet. Your stories about E and Nikki remind me of growing up with my wonderful, totally adored big brother. He’s nine years older than me and he was the sun and the moon.

  5. You are raising one amazing young man there! One who is going to make an amazing father when the time comes!

    (hopefully not any time soon ;))

  6. He is SO awesome. He is the big brother that every kid should have. I got a little teary reading about how sweet he was with Nikki.

  7. He’s beyond awesome; what a big bro 🙂

    You obviously know how to raise a kid to be an amazing young man (TEACH ME)!

  8. That is so cool. What a good kid you have! Seriously, teach us all your ways please… I feel proud and I don’t even KNOW him in real life, much less have any claim for pride!

    There is hope for humanity after all!

  9. That’s so awesome. I hope my little guy (he’s 6 and I’m pregnant) will be as awesome of a big brother as your kiddo!

  10. He is amazing; every time you tell these great stories about him, I think what a great mom you are to raise such a terrific young man!!

  11. I almost teared up a little bit. He is SO wonderful to his siblings. I hope my kids have that sort of infinite love towards their siblings on day.

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