Cup ‘o Tea, Gov’ner?

Tea Party!

Nikki had a Going Away party for one of the classmates in her classroom this week and Wes was UBER-jealous. I eased his sadness by promising him we’d have a tea party last night after dinner. Which I promptly forgot because I’m totally that Mom. I bribe my kids to get the tears to stop and then immediately forget the bribe.

Lucky for me… they remind me!

So, we had a tea party last night after bathtime! And obviously before we brushed our hair if Nikki is any indication. I even conned E into joining us which wasn’t hard because he’s the best big brother EVER.

Tea Party!

Tea Party!

Our tea was of the SPRITE variety, of course. And Wes got to pour the tea since the party was for him. They used my tea cups from my collection (What? Didn’t know I had a teacup collection?) and you know what? They haven’t ever been used. What is the point of a teacup collection if you don’t ever put tea (or Sprite) in them? I DON’T KNOW. So the kids drank out of ones last night that – if they had been broken – would not have cause my heart pains. Or at least not SEVERE pains.

But they weren’t broken! Tea party was a total success. We just didn’t have any crumpets to go with our Sprite-Tea. Which is fine since, well, I have no idea what a crumpet is.

Tea Party!

19 thoughts on “Cup ‘o Tea, Gov’ner?”

  1. OMG, Crumpeys are the best thinge ever! So warm and buttery. Or golden syruppy if you are naugtly like me 🙂

  2. A crumpet is basically an English muffin. And I find I eat fewer of them now that I live in England than I did when I was at home in the States. Weird.

  3. Jacob loves to have tea parties! I finally found a metal set with a circus theme a few months ago for him! Walmart, the most unlikely of places. So we have “hot tea” all the time!

  4. Where, oh where, do you find your teacups? I desperately want to start a collection of mismatched teacups for exactly this sort of thing, and I figure I’ve got a few years to gather them before Lorelai is old enough (she’s only 5 months now), but any time I look on eBay or Craigslist they’re either cheap plastic toy teacups, or really expensive. I’d like to be able to pick up cups and saucers for just a couple bucks here and there, not have to drop $50+ per cup/saucer.

  5. Erin – if you LIKE thrifting AND have time, that’s probably the best way. BUT – it’s been my experience that I could spend 5 hours and find NOTHING or 5 hours and find 80 things! HA!

    A good failsafe around here is ROSS. It’s like a cheaper TJMAXX (which is OK too, just more expensive than ROSS.) You can usually find miscellaneous Teacup sets there for around $6 which is more than thrifting, obviously, but less than department stores!!

    I inherited a few pieces from my Grandmother, that’s how my collection started. I don’t let the kid’s use those 😉

  6. You know, as soon as I sent that comment I thought, “I bet ROSS, TJ MAXX, Marshall’s, or HomeGoods would have great cheap teacup sets.” The thrift stores around here seem to be of the “shop for 5 hours and find nothing” variety, unless you’re on the hunt for bridesmaid dresses from the ’80s!

  7. Mmm, crumpets. . . I don’t eat grains anymore, but those puppies are awesome when they’re drowning in butter, maybe with a bit of fruit spread on top.

    They’re pretty easy to find in grocery stores where I live–they’re in plastic packs of 6 or 8, I think, in the refrigerated section, near the refrigerated dough. You should try some for the next tea party! (there will surely be another, because this one looked like a lot of fun!)

  8. Your E is awesome – just sayin’. My middle daughter is like that with all the children she babysits, but she turns on the witch-switch when she gets home and has to interact with her younger brother. It wounds me, because he just wants to share some of his interests and his day with her, but she shuts him down.

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