I’ll Be Happy If I Never Have To Think About Calling 911 Again

I walked up on a lady unconscious and collapsed halfway into a freezer at the grocery store on Monday. I noticed her the same time an employee did and I got her talking a bit and helped her out of the freezer and into my lap while the employee called the paramedics. Another customer who happened to be an ER nursed came up and assessed the lady’s vitals. We could get her talking a bit, but then she would pass out again. She wasn’t mobile at all. I rubbed her hair and her face while the nurse kept her talking. She was only 56, it’s not like she was old. HEMSI got there, they thanked me for my help, and I left…forgetting the tater tots I had entered the aisle to purchase in the first place. It’s weird, now, not knowing how everything turned out.

THEN…crazy, mumbling, homeless guy showed up at my house and angrily mumbling that I should drive him to the store and flailing his arms at my van when I decline his invitation. My heart was in my throat for several hours after that.

And THEN…to cap off the weirdest several days in history? I almost choked to death at Cracker Barrel last night on a piece of cornbread. FOR REAL. For a few moments I couldn’t breath and E was on the verge of jumping up and trying to save me when my airway finally cleared. And then…once my heart calmed down…I couldn’t stop laughing at the fact that I ALMOST CHOKED TO DEATH ON CORNBREAD. Who in the hell does that?

Needless to say, it’s been a VERY weird week. If I wasn’t anxiously waiting for Harry Potter I’d stay in bed until Sunday for fear the week wasn’t done with me yet.

How about you? Any near-death, 911-related incidents in your week? No? Then maybe I got YOURS.

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  1. Not this week but we did have one last summer where Chris had a panic attack but the NHS Direct people called an ambulance because he was calm but still having chest pains. I was at my Mum’s (which is between the hospital and my house) and I heard the rapid response vehicle belt past but didn’t think anything of it until my house mate called me to tell me that the rapid response man was there but an ambulance was on it’s way for Chris. There was a whole other story to follow that but in the same afternoon. That same week a garage across the road from our house went up in flames. I heard it from my room it sounded like fireworks so I looked out the window but there were no explosions then I saw the glow off the fire – I charged down the stairs and out in to the street (in my pajamas) Chris followed me out because I’d just ran down the stairs and only stopped to unlock the front door – he then about faced and called the fire engine – no one was hurt but there were 3 fire engines and about the same number of police cars in out street within a few minutes – we could hear them coming lol.

    Then about a week or two later there was a fire in one of the houses – it was only a little one but enough that they needed a fire engine. Talk about drama. We often have the police helicopter go over because of the estate we live up the road from.

  2. ACK. That is SOME WEEK.

    Last summer I called 911 for a man and stayed with him until the ambulance came, and I still think of him every time I drive down that street. I wonder if he died or if he was fine.

  3. Wow, you guys live in the fast line at the Zoot house! The most excitement I’ve had lately was stopping at the scene of two teen boys who ran into each other on their motorbikes. They were going real slow and just got tangled up. One of them really scraped up his leg. He insisted that they would walk the bikes back to his friends house. My 9 year old told me that my friends daughter who was in the car with us and is almost 13 , had little hearts coming out of her head and was chanting “Please let them need a ride” quietly the whole time I was out talking to them. My kids thought that part was hilarious.

  4. I am having a similar week! We had to call the cops/ambulance for a guy who got beaten up and mugged outside our house on Saturday night, and then on Monday night I managed to faceplant on the sidewalk, landing directly on my belly, and bought myself a ticket to 24 hours in the hospital (for baby monitoring, I am fine, if not exceptionally embarrassed). It’s only Wednesday and I am SO done with this week.

  5. Oh lord, it must be in the air. Yesterday at the beach I saw a child almost drown. Yes, seriously. No, his mother wasn’t watching him. He was 5 and came out of the water limp and with blue lips. Thankfully he was okay when they took him to the ER (the mother wasn’t going to take him!!!), but I won’t be getting that image out of my sight for a long time.

  6. I had to call 911 last year when I saw a car flipped over late at night – it was a highly traveled road, but at around 2am. The driver was alone in the car, hanging suspended from his seatbelt with his head resting on the roof/floor of the car – talking, but not making sense, and bleeding from, well, all over. He was probably in his mid to late twenties, and I’m pretty sure he was drunk. I stayed with him and held his hand until the police and firemen got there, but they encouraged me to leave because my car was in their way and there was nothing I could do to help. Never found out his name and I don’t know if he’d ever remember I was there with him anyway, but I’m glad I did it.

  7. A couple of weeks ago I found a guy passed out with his head sticking out on the road…non-responsive so I just did the usual first aid and called the ambulance. To be honest I think he was just really drunk and coma’ed out, but not such a good idea to do so with your head lying on the road at night!

  8. I think your post was bad luck!

    Yesterday after work, I headed into the grocery store to grab 1/2 gallon of milk. That was all. Had my daughter with me on the way home so a really quick trip.

    As we entered I noticed the fire truck parked out front but the lights weren’t on. In the past, this usually means the guys are in there gathering food to cook at the station.


    As I rounded the corner. I noticed that there were in fact 3 firemen working on someone behind the customer service desk. Soon after the EMS after along with a stretcher.

    That stuff always provides me with a free ticket to Anxiety City. I can only hope that person was ok but like you it is so odd not knowing what the outcome was.

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