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Thank You, Harry

Our Family Love Harry Potter

Thank you, Harry.
For being a comfort back in the Spring of 2000 when I needed it most. I came home from a trip to the bookstore having splurged on the first three books in the series because I needed a distraction in my life. I was struggling as a single working mother finishing her college degree and those three books – which I finished in one weekend – brought me the joy I needed most during those anxiety-filled days.

Thank you, Harry. For introducing me to the world of Midnight Events as a fan. My first midnight book release was on July 8, 2000 and I was immediately sucked into a kingdom of fans I’d be part of forever. I’ve been to every midnight book and movie release since. Several times in costume. And always – since that first one – with E in tow.

Thank you, Harry. For giving E and I something to share. When the Order of the Phoenix was released, he was finally old enough to have read several of the books and to be part of the enthusiasm surrounding the fifth. He has been anxiously waiting for each book and movie by my side ever since.

Thank you, Harry. For teaching me about bravery and loyalty. About mistakes and forgiveness. About love and the power of good. And about how heroism can come in the strangest of packages. Sometimes in a small (but free) elf, other times in an awkward teenager.

Thank you, Harry. For giving me the gift of anticipation again. As an adult, I do not find myself excited with anticipation like I did in my youth looking forward to things like prom, or graduation, or first dates and first kisses. You have given me something to dream about, which I might have forgotten how to do otherwise. Even now, before the final film, I find myself looking to the future with Pottermore, and to enjoying you with my younger children who have already learned to love you as E and I do.

Thank you, Harry. For helping me make friends in other adults as swept away by your world as I am. I have found kindred spirits who are willing to attend midnight premieres, even though it’s way past our bedtime. Friends who brings me edible treats from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, knowing I’ll never eat them and simply display them on a shelf for years to come. Friends who get Harry Potter tattoos and can’t wait for me to finally decide on my own. Friends who have cried when I have cried. Laughed when I have laughed. And held your stories close to their hearts as I have.

Thank you, Harry. For being such a big part of the life of my oldest child. He has grown up with you and I have been able to be there to enjoy it every step of the way. He has helped me bring his younger brother and sister into your world so that we can watch them grow up with you as well.

Thank you, Harry.

Kim and E - Harry Potter Over The Years

24 thoughts on “Thank You, Harry”

  1. And this post just made me cry. Why do I get so emotional about everything Harry Potter?

    I saw someone at the grocery the other day with a small tattoo of the deathly hallow symbol. I was jealous.

  2. I love this (and Harry too!) SO MUCH! Thanks for being the kind of awesome mom and friend who makes me feel like less of a weirdo for having preteen taste in entertainment.

  3. I probably shouldn’t admit that I’ve never read HP or seen any of the movies. This post, however, makes me want to start.

  4. I’m not a HP fan, but loved your blog forever! … probably since you 1st started posting and I was an avid blogger (facebook took over my life now). As I was reading through the Thank Yous I was thinking to myself “it would be cool to see all of those moments she posted through the years”. Then I saw the last photo! LOVE LOVE LOVE that you have a different color hair in every pic.

  5. Thank goodness!- I’m not the only one who teared up, whew!
    Proud to be a Pot(ter)-head, alongside such wonderful people 🙂

  6. This has me crying. I am such a mess of emotions over the coming last movie… the premiere yesterday had me crying as well. JK saying that “Hogwarts will always be here for you?” OH. JK, it always HAS been and that’s what makes it so hard to “leave.”

    These books have been my link to bonding with my littlest sister, who is 6 years younger. When I was in high school and she was still little, this was what we talked about. You know what, I should write about this too…

    I’m with you. Thank you, Harry.

  7. I have always loved your love for Harry! This made me tear up! Excellent post. You have such lucky kids!

  8. Oh, I love this. And yes! I think 2000 is when I started, too. And needed joy…for other reasons, but nontheless. And yes to all of it, actually! The book releases. The midnight showings. And thrill of finding out what happens next. What a wonderful thing.

    I can’t wait to introduce Xander to Harry.

  9. Yes, I had the same “Journey through Zoot’s Hair” response to the photos 🙂

  10. Now I’m all sniffly. I also love Harry Potter and can NOT WAIT to introduce my kids to the books.

    I got married on July 8, 2000 and had never heard of Harry Potter before that. The entire week leading up to the wedding, the only thing on the news was that the next Harry Potter book was coming out. I decided I should probably read the books after the wedding if they were that popular & kids were actually starting to read books again because of them. I borrowed them from a co-worker’s daughter and have loved them passionately ever since.

  11. I wish the author could read this post.It would probably make her tear up author bit like it has so
    Many of us.

  12. Thank you Harry, for making me eager to return to teaching each fall, after re-reading the books each August.

    Thank you Harry, for helping my students learn that books are better than movies.

    Thank you Harry, for giving me an entire, rich world that I can disappear into at a moment’s notice.

    Thank you Harry, for inspiring the blossoming of the fantasy y.a. genre.

    Thank you Harry, for delighting me, during my most stressful times (mine was 2001…right when I discovered book 1, then went back to the bookstore the next day to purchase books 2-4 on credit card, because I could not wait until payday and there was only $3 in the bank).

    Thank you Harry, for that entire summer spent debating with my coworkers whether or not you were a horcrux.

    Thank you Harry, for providing a story I love, and that my oldest daughter (4) is already excited to read.

    Most of all, Thank You, Zoot, for somehow going through the exact same life stages (poor college student, ttc, house hunting, toddler raising, hp reading) and blogging about them so candidly over the last 10 years. I haven’t commented very often, but your blog is the one I’ve checked most regularly through that time, and has so often been a source of comfort. You rock, woman!

  13. I do not cry at the drop of the hat, yet somehow find myself sitting here sobbing. I am so sad it’s almost the end but at the same time I’m so, so happy to see the last one.

    Love this post, Zoot.

  14. YES, YES and YES some more!

    I’m thrilled that my 10 year old is loving Harry Potter so I can continue down the train tracks to Hogwarts!

  15. it took me several times to get all the way through this post as i kept having to wipe the tears…just like when reading our last EW with the same name.

    girl, HP hasn’t just brought joy to my life b/c of the books themselves but so much b/c what it’s given me to share with you and the kids. i wouldn’t trade one second of it for anything else in the world.

    we will miss you this final midnight premiere, but i already CAN. NOT. WAIT. to talk with you about it later!


  16. ahhhh, loved this post! Then I promptly went to the website and input my email address…wonder what the person thought when they saw it? LOL!

  17. OMG. I’ve never read your blog until today – I stumbled upon it after a friend recommend I read it. Now I’m crying my eye’s out because I LOVE THIS POST SO HARD.

    It’s like everything I ever felt about Harry, you felt too. I can’t wait to share in this experience with my kids (whenever I have them).

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