A Fun-Filled Productive Weekend

Fabric wrapped canvas

This is the ONE idea I’ve executed recently that I can not directly credit Pinterest for. I’ve had the idea for awhile after seeing it on some design show. Covering canvas with fabric. I’ve been wanting to do it in the dining room because it is a hard-wood floored room filled with wood furniture. PLUS it seats 8. Do you know what all of that added together creates? Conversational echos. It bugs me slightly and I hoped putting something fabric on the walls would help. It seems to have helped a bit, but not as much as a rug would, I’m sure. The hardest part of this project was finding fabric that would go with the walls AND my brightly colored generic Fiestaware. I think I did a good job!

Homemade platestand

This serving stand? Totally a Pinterest idea. I’ve been collecting white dishes of various sizes for awhile in hopes to one day have enough place settings of random white dishes that that becomes my “good” china. I think a dining table spread with non-matching but all-white dishes would be GORGEOUS. Anyway, so I have a random collection now that is no where near complete. I thought I could part with a few of the plates from thrifts stores/auctions/donations from friends who know my project. I bought 3 Dollar Store candle sticks ($1 each, of course) and used E6000 glue to attach them. TA-DA! Perfect serving tray for cake poppers and Red/White/Blue strawberries. (Which were also a Pinterest idea.) I’m quite proud of this project and I want to do one some other time in cheap colorful plates and maybe even some melanine Christmas dishes if Target puts some out this year. LOVE THIS PROJECT.


We also went to see the fireworks at a local outdoor shopping area. This shopping area has a great carousel full of fun animals. There’s zebras, lions, tigers, and even a cat with a fish in his mouth. But my favorite? THE SEAHORSE. But I like Nikki ride it because I’m a big girl and understand that fighting my daughter over who gets to ride the seahorse in a crowded celebration would probably not be my most shining parenting moment.


Speaking of shining parenting moments….there was also a balloon artist there who was making “swords” for boys who wanted them. The look on Wes’s face in this picture is the future represents his confusion as the 12-year old him says inside his head, “Hee. This totally does NOT look like a sword. HEE!” The rest of us, of course, stifled giggles and inappropriate jokes all night. And by “rest of us” of course I mean “me.”

15 thoughts on “A Fun-Filled Productive Weekend”

  1. You are KILLING me with your great ideas for around the house. I LOVE what you’ve done with your dining room, and that homemade dessert stand is absolutely genius!

  2. I love that cake stand idea form pinterest too! I saw some plastic plates at target with fleur de lis on them, going to try it with them. It’s such a cehap and easy project, you can have cake/dessert stands for every holiday!

    I love your new wall art too! It really bring some color to your dining room! Want to come decorate my dining room?

  3. A friend of mine doing the canvas/material idea, too. And she is using frames which has a really cool effect.

  4. Alright, that’s it… I’m joining Pinterest. I really had no interest/didn’t understand what it was for, but if it can give me ideas like that cake stand I’m in. It’s so cool!

  5. Love the cake/dessert stand. I’ve wanted to do the fabric on canvas for a while. But how do you keep the edges neat? Everything I’ve seen says fold and staple but I can not get it to work. LOL! Maybe I’m just fabric challenged. Now I’m just waiting for some of those HP creations from Pinterest to pop up here on your blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Your dining room looks INCREDIBLE! I love how all the colors work together and the awesome pattern-mixing! The way the fabrics echo the colors and patterns in the plates! And I’m totally stealing that canvas idea.

  7. Love the wall art! The material is beautiful! I checked out Pinterest this weekend and now I’m totally addicted! I have been pinning like crazy. All the beautiful quilt ideas are my favorite but the other ideas that I’ve found are cool too!

  8. LOVE the fabric on canvas–may have to try copying that over my bed! My 3-year-old granddaughter and I did the strawberries, thanks to Pinterest, too!

  9. Are you going to give us a run down on how to do the fabric/canvas thing? Don’t leave us hanging!!!! I love this idea (since I also have a big empty wall that is annoying me!) but need to know more otherwise I will just hack something together with a staple gun and then be annoyed when it doesn’t look as pretty as yours ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Cute, cute, cute!

    I’ve done the tiered stand before, but used very sturdy wine glasses and just glued the bottom of the wine glass to the bottom of the plate. The benefit of not gluing the whole thing together is that I can take them apart and scatter them in a pattern. As well, I’ve used the inside of the wine glass for additional decorations. (I used the stand for a baby shower and put pacifiers inside the wine glass). . .just another idea since you’re planning on doing more.

    BTW, I love the fabric on the walls!

  11. I love your style. The dining room looks fantastic, and I love the idea of adding fabric to the walls – texture in an unexpected place is so cool.

    Also, the tiered stand? Super awesome! As are all your treats… I am, for the first time, tempted to try Pinterest!

    Lastly… I SO would have laughed at that sword. So I guess I’m 12 too. ๐Ÿ™‚

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