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I Listen To Things You Tell Me To Do…EVENTUALLY.

FINE. I did it. You all talked me into it. It doesn’t take much, we all know, for me to join an internet trend. Usually I jump on before it’s even a trend so I can be an Internet Hipster like that. But since I just really picked up my reading habits after getting a Kindle, I put off the Good Reads thing. Until now. I doubt I’ll put a huge effort into logging in ALL the books I’ve read onto there, but when one pops up on some else’s list that I’ve read, I add it. I did try to remember all the books I’ve read this year so I can try to read 100 in 2011, but I’m not sure I’ll make it. I’ve been reading a lot but I’ve hit some lulls since I couldn’t think of what to read next. But you know the best thing about Good Reads? LISTOPIA! There are some GREAT book lists on there and between that and the book list E gave me for the summer (seen here), I won’t have to stop reading for awhile!

Also – I’ve started two new/old series. THIS IS THE WAY TO GO. If you start a new series, you have to wait. I’ve been reading Morganville Vampires (lighthearted and easy to read, but more on the side of “young” in YA than I usually can tolerate) and I am now reading Gone which is part of an older series too. So, as I feel like it, I can pick up books in THOSE series too since they’re ALREADY OUT. Gotta love that. Way better than counting down the calendar for 12 months.

ANYWAY…you should totally join now, if you aren’t one of the people who talked me into it. I’m kinda addicted to see what everyone is readin/has read. And I’m trying my best not to take it personally when people totally trash books I love.

P.S. The photo above is my Avatar on Good Reads. Shirts are from my favorite HP store on Etsy: Evie Tees. Check out her stuff!

P.P.S I don’t have to point out that I’m not being paid to tell you to buy her stuff, do I? Since I never get paid to tell you to do anything on this blog? Everyone gets very serious about that type of stuff but I’d like to think it’s obvious around here that when I tell you to do something it’s because I LOVE IT and not because someone paid me to say it, right? Well…just in case…NO ONE PAID ME TO SAY THAT. There. Now. Go buy something from her before she goes on vacation June 14th.

11 thoughts on “I Listen To Things You Tell Me To Do…EVENTUALLY.”

  1. I’m on Goodreades – again I don’t really use it that much occasionally I go on there and use it loads then I fall out with it again.

    The link to Evie’s Tees links to Goodreads instead….hiccup.

  2. I love that he has some John Green books on his list. John Green is big in this house, though I admit to being biased since my husband had him propose to me live on the Internet for him. My favorite of his is Paper Towns. Is E into the whole Nerdfighter community? It seems right up his alley. Or, you’ve never heard of it, and I sound insane.

  3. Thank you! I’ve already put a few of your books on my To Read list.

  4. Someone else recommended Paper Towns, but I don’t know of E has read it or not. I’ll ask!

  5. I love the shirts! I think I may get my husband one for father’s day and me one for getting him one. 🙂

  6. Thanks for letting us know about GoodReads, I had not heard of it. I had created an account on a facebook reading list thing but abandoned it quickly because it was a pain to use. Also because people’s lists of books were ridiculous because they were competing to have there name appear on the scorecard for having read the most books, so the book lists had little kid books and every textbook they had. So LAME.

    I was impressed how easy it was to add books and I am always looking for new books to read.

  7. Well, I’m being lazy and not going anywhere but to your comments, but there is this series I think yuo will love. It’s not YA, but its a very good read, and fast.

    That’s the link to see all the books, but its about a witch who works with a vampire and a pixie, and whenever the pixie swears, he takes tinkerbell’s name in vain. So anyhow, can’t think of the best way to put it, but its very very good.

  8. I go in and out of updating Goodreads a lot. BUT, like you, I’m trying to at least post the books I’ve read this year for my 2011 challenge. (100! I think I can do it!). Also, it must be said, I love that we have almost the EXACT same taste in books. Seriously.

    Also now I need a new HP shirt. And one for Xander. Because he’s a Harry Potter fan whether he knows it or not. (Though, I plan on hiding book 6 for a few years after he reads 5, because if I had to wait SO DOES HE.) (I’m OK.)

  9. I’ve just finished The Help and really enjoyed it…and I’m waiting on Water For Elephants from the library.

    Flipped is a GREAT young adult read, as is the Gallagher Girls series…the next of which doesn’t come out until 2012!!!

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