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Wesleyan Hall

This is Wesleyan Hall. It was the building Donnie and I studied in while getting our Geography degrees at the University of North Alabama. I spent many hours in that building and even a few nights working on projects for school and work. E even slept up there a few times. One notable time, I laid down with him just to “rest my eyes” on the couch in the computer lab, and then woke up the next morning in a panic as E was due at school in about 5 minutes. Luckily his Kindergarten had a uniform, so no one knew he wore the same clothes the day before.

This is the building that gave us Wes’s name. He turns three tomorrow.

I don’t really do annual letters or photo montages. I figure that’s what this whole blog is – a tribute to my family. Sometimes a boring tribute, but usually with cute pictures. If there’s one trait that stands out about Wes the most right now, it’s that he is the biggest snuggle-bug on the planet. He even proved it last weekend by snuggling in the arms of Nikki’s t-ball coache’s wife for a good 15 minutes. He’s SUCH a good snuggle bug, you’ll put up with it even though he weighs 27lbs. It’s his most evil super-power, to be honest. He makes the hearts melt of women everywhere as they hold him in their arms. I’m surprised no one has given him a car yet.

Mom and Son laughing

Happy Birthday, Wessie-Woo. I don’t always get a chance to blog on Saturday so I wanted to commemorate your special day today. I hope this year brings you lots of dead bugs and garbage trucks. Love, Mom.

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  1. Snugglers are the best! My youngest nephew has always been such a great snuggler, and still is even though he’s almost ten. It makes me really sad to think of that ever ending!

    Happy birthday, Wes!

  2. Happy birthday sweet Wes from your auntie Lisa!! I wish we were there to give you big hugs and kisses!!! Love you buddy!!

  3. I love snuggle bugs heh. I hope when I have kids that at least one of them is a major snuggler 😉

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