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This Is Basically An Entry Where I Talk To Myself A Lot

I looked at this picture I sent to Twitter last night. I took it after a run I did with my HUSBAND, a 5K at the fastest pace EVER: 9:45 minutes/mile. Read that sentence again: 5K. With my husband. 9:45 minutes/mile. This was all done AFTER I did boot camp yesterday morning. Why am I putting so much of my hard-earned pride on the stupid SCALE? Do you see how fast I ran? DO YOU?

So…instead I’m doing an entry about how AWESOME I am. I ran 6+ miles on Sunday in preparation for my 10K on Memorial Day. I ran 5 miles Tuesday night and 3.5 last night. This is on top of boot camp every weekday morning. This is TONS of exercise and I’ve loved every minute of it.

And the speed? Back when I trained for my half-marathons, I was running right around a 12-minute mile. Granted, that was for my longer distances, but the 10K I did was at the same pace. The 5 miles I ran the other night? 10:15 minutes/mile. The 5K? 9:45 minutes/mile. When I started boot camp and my coach timed our mile, I couldn’t even do ONE MILE faster than 10 minutes. I did THREE last night at 9:45. I AM LIKE LIGHTENING.

Now…that picture. I look at that picture and see a BADASS. Seriously. I’m so proud of that picture. Do I still have weight to lose? Yes. But I am still working my ass off in ways I never knew was possible. I’m faster and stronger than I’ve ever been. Wes told me last night he wants some running clothes too…so he can be stinky. Which, you know, he’s a boy – so that is HUGE motivation for anything. BEING STINKY IS AWESOME. My kids ask me if I went to boot camp when they wake up, they know we run races. My husband and I talk workouts and muscle pains. The pounds will drop, I know that, but I’m not going to let the speed at which they drop determine my pride. Not when I can hold a wall-sit for 90 seconds and not even cry when it’s done.

NOW…all of that said…these type of entries tend to upset me as a reader because I always feel like the writer is basically making it sound easy. IT’S NOT. And I have a lot of things going for me that you might not: 1) A husband who works out so I’m motivated to be awesome like him. 2) A teenager who can be there for the kids and babysit when I work out. 3) Extra money at times to pay for classes and gear.

If you are lacking any of these things? It’s going to be 100 times harder for you. If you’re doing it anyway? Then YOU deserve a pat on the back. If you’re not? Don’t be hard on yourself. Do what you can. It’s hard on me even WITH all of these things making it easier. It would be too hard without any of them…I’m not sure if I could motivate myself in other situations.

But in this situation? I’ve done it. I’m going to run a 10K on Memorial Day that I’ve feared for YEARS. I’ve always done the 5K because it doesn’t have the DREADED HILL FROM HELL, but this year? I’m going to kick that hill’s ass. Even if I do it while walking.

Either way – I’m proud. Seriously proud. And that – is something rare for someone insecure like me. So I’m going to savor it, no matter what the scale says.

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  1. Doesn’t muscle weigh more anyway? Because you look pretty cut in this picture. Definitely bad-ass. If I was able to RUN even a quarter of a mile, I would never shut up about it.

  2. Yes, it does! And the cool thing is at boot camp assessments, my coach can calculate how much fat I’ve replaced with muscle. I think I’ve replaced more than 5lbs of fat with 5lbs of muscle so far. That on TOP of losing 15lbs over all…is pretty great! I love that he can do those calculations!

  3. You are way badass. These are all things I dream of being able to do someday but I honestly have no idea how to start. It’s terrifying.

    Indianapolis has the largest half-marathon in the country and when we were watching it a couple weeks ago, my son said he wants to do it next year. I’d love if we could do it together.

  4. That is totally awesome!

    I so want to be doing the same thing, but I’m just not in the right place right now. I need to find the motivation to get up off my rear. This helps. Thanks!

  5. i’m so proud of you too!! and you are going to kick some serious A!!

  6. Yayyyy Zoot! That is so great! You are going to kick some butt in your 10K. I think it is so much fun to see those faster paces – that is one of my favorite things about training for 5ks and 10Ks. (I absolutely cannot run fast (right now) in a long race, but…maybe one day.)

    And while the scale definitely does NOT matter, I bet you’ll be seeing those 1.5lbs disappear soon regardless. Congrats on all your fitness success!

  7. Dudette, you could be a skinny-ass weak girl with no muscle at your pre-pregnancy weight, or you could be ripped and hardcore and healthier and hotter, weighing a bit more as you do now. I say, when you do reach that weight, it means twice as much as if you’d gotten there just dieting.

  8. My brother bought me a Nike+ gadget thingy to go with my new iPod I got for my birthday – in the last 2 and a bit weeks I’ve done a total of about 5km lol. I’m really out of shape so I’m still getting used to even running to the end of the road lol. I can do from my house to the restaurant round the corner and back in between 6 and 7 minutes that’s about 1km – If you can run 5km in less than 10 minutes then you have my respect! woot woot!

  9. Hey listen… If I could spend ONE beach trip in a body with your belly/hips/thighs/whole self, I’d be a happy little beach bunny. As it is, I’m shopping for coverups more than swimsuits. I’m proud of you RIGHT NOW, let alone later – you’re doing some crazy good, girl!

  10. Congrats. I think it’s great that you are running this 10K. I admire you for being able to do this. I love to run but don’t have the guts to run in races. The one time I did it I was a nervous wreck beforehand and decided never again. Keep being proud of yourself!

  11. are you doing Cotton Row? I used to live up very near that hill and my husband would do the 10K, but I would only do the 5K, since we used to train on the hill and i knew how much it sucked! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Good luck to you, with all the training I am sure you will do great! You look great and I am a little jealous since you appear to be winning the battles that I am losing, but I think you have more determination than I do, based on your blog posts…I’ll get there eventually!

  12. Half-Marathon is a reasonable event to train for…especially if they allow walkers b/c the participants are always so fun! You should do it.

  13. You look amazing!!! And how motivating is it to see your pace dropping like that? Going under a 10:00 average to me always feels like a huge milestone, it’s not easy at all! Congrats on the progress, you should totally revel in it today!

  14. I’ve always been so slow that it HURT my husband to try to run with me. Last night’s run was an okay pace for him! He didn’t mind it at all! That was the best part.

  15. I agree! I was super-skinny when we got married, mostly by dieting (little exercise) and I can’t WAIT to be able to wear my wedding band again with MUSCLE instead of just thinness!

  16. Thank you for this entry!!! It’s so easy to get caught up on the numbers on the scale but it’s really just a small part of the overall picture. I bet that even if you weigh more than you did before you got pregnant with Wes, you have a lot less fat and a lot more muscle, so your body fat % is lower. And you look awesome!

    (I never comment on blogs because i usually read from my phone and commenting is a pain in the ass, but this entry deserved an Internet high five)

  17. Right on!! You should be proud – you go girlfriend; conquer that hill and feel amazing!! Thanks for this post – you are so right!!

  18. Girl you are a TOTAL badass! You look amazing! I’m sure you didn’t lose that 1.5 pounds because your building muscle. And I bet if you took your measurements you are smaller. Keep up the good work!

  19. Tell that scale where to go. There are much better ways to see your own fitness (one way is just looking in the mirror)

    You rock.

  20. THANKS FOR THE HIGH-FIVE!!! And yeah, I think my coach said my body fat % has dropped at least 3 points, maybe more (I can’t remember!)

  21. I get my monthly measurements tomorrow, here’s to hoping they’ve dropped!

  22. I agree with everyone else who has said that muscle weighs more than fat. Numbers on a scale are just numbers, they don’t indicate fitness. I managed to lose 20 pounds last year though diet alone. The feeling more comfortable in my own skin? Awesome. But as for being in shape? I’m not in any better shape than I was. Which is a whole ‘nother issue.

  23. AMEN! I’m so the same way with the scale. I want to be thin like I was pre-baby. But, like, maybe 7 years pre-baby? I was soooo thin then! BUT, I couldn’t run 2 miles, let alone 12. And sure, my tummy may not have looked like a deflated beach ball, but I couldn’t do 20 situps. So, whatever.

    Also: yay for “slow” marathon paces. I’m not super fast, either, but I’ve stopped tracking my pace because then I am focusing on the wrong thing. For me. I never thought, ever, I’d be able to run a half marathon, so that’s still my only goal. How fast I am in finishing it? Meh.

    Also also: so I was running with a college PE coach (is it still PE in college?) on one of my long runs, and he said that leaning forward and WALKING up hills conserves energy and is only negligibly slower than running up a hill. So: walk all hills. It’s the SMART way to run.

  24. Yeah! I love that my bootcamp coach does measurements and percentage body fat. Last assessment I had lost 5lbs on the scaled but I had dropped enough %body fat that he calculated that I had ALSO replaced 5lbs of fat with muscle! How cool is that?

  25. Did you ever consider playing roller derby? I read your blog regularly and it really seems like it would be your kind of thing. You’re already in great shape, it’s an awesome way to meet people and SO much fun. Anyway, congratulations on your success!

  26. Martina – I actually look LONGINGLY at the DG photos from the local team and DREAM of playing some day! But I’m too chicken…hehe.

  27. You RAWK!

    I’ve been doing weight watchers to lose weight. I’ve got more than 1.5 pounds to lose. I’m doing the Couch Potato to 5K to exercise. I’m very proud of my work and progress.

    You inspire me!

  28. I was totally not feeling like running tonight after work but your post has brought my motivation back! Thank you!

  29. You are AMAZING!!! Smiled at first sight of your picture and couldn’t stop smiling through your entire post. I absolutely love that you are running with Donnie. You go girl!!!

  30. Don’t be a chicken! Roller derby is awesome and is great exercise! I’ve been skating for my local team for about 1 1/2 years and have lost about 20lbs. That’s just practicing twice a week for 2 hours.

  31. You are badass! That picture is of a strong woman.

    I’m also terrified of that hill. You’re going to own that hill though.

  32. Ahhh just what I needed to read today! I’ve been fighting a weird weight plateau for the past MONTH. Before I was losing 2 pounds a week, easy, and then for no reason one week I gained 2 pounds – when I was 1 pound away from hitting a milestone. All my insecurities came out and IsuckIsuckisuckIsuckIsuck. The next day my cognitive behavioural therapist said I had to get pick’n’mix candy 5 days in a row (for my emetophobia) and well… yeah. Didn’t exactly lose weight that week. Gained two. I’ve finally lost the weight I gained from the candy and the inexplicable 2 pound fiasco…. So lose to a milestone again and GUESS WHAT…. UTI, that’s what. So now I’m on medication and can’t work out. And I also found wheat-free brownies when I was shopping yesterday on my 24th hour of being awake in urethra pain. I ate the whole pack.

    But you know what? My legs have muscles that are all pointy-outy and so do my arms. I am strong. One week of medicine will not stop me forever.

  33. You rock!! And thank you for the encouragement at the end. I’m a single mom and sometimes feel like I don’t have much flexibility or energy to do that kind of stuff. But I really need to focus on what I can do and do that to the best of my ability.

  34. You look fabulous. I say ignore the scale and concentrate on how fit and strong and healthy you are. I wish I looked half as good. I might be getting married in six weeks, and I’m really regretting that I didn’t spend the winter getting rid of my flab.

  35. woooohoooooo!!!!

    (I want to leave it there but don’t want anyone to read that as sarcasm – this is damn impressive, and I’m cheering!)

  36. Lady, you’re amazing! I am trying to get motivated to get back in the gym…and your success is inspiring!

    Ps. you look hot!!

  37. Very cool!!!! By the way, screw the i.5 pounds or whatever it was, your perfect and healthy!

  38. I’m proud of you! Liberate yourself from the scale ๐Ÿ˜‰ It sounds like you’ve made some really important lifestyle changes, and are entirely full of awesome, as per usual! heh.

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