Easter Bunny and Spiderman are Total BFFs

Who is this teenager?

We rolled back in town about 10am Easter Morning and picked up two completely unimpressed kids from their Grandmother’s. They looked at us while playing with the goodies the Easter Bunny brought to Mimi’s and you could tell they were thinking Oh. You’re back. We were kinda hoping aliens would nab you on the way home. Between the tea parties and the trampoline along with their Grandparents and Aunt, they had no desire to come home. We forced excitement out of them by reminding them the Easter Bunny came to OUR house too. “Don’t you want to see what he brought you to OUR house? I hear there’s MORE CANDY.” They looked at each other like Eh…might as well.

Nothing like spending the weekend away from your kids to reignite their love for you. Oh, wait. That didn’t happen. Nothing like Cadbury Creme Eggs to reignite your kids’ love for you. YEAH. That’s more like it.

Come to the dark side...

We still made sure to at least attempt our annual child tossing photo op. Last year I thought it would be the last year we’d be able to include Nikki, but Donnie managed three tosses this year before needing to stop. I got great pictures of all three. The best, of course, synchronized with a Wes toss.

Easter Tradition

All in all it was a lovely Easter. Great time with Donnie’s family for dinner and only minor diet infringements. Well, for a normal Sunday? I would consider 2 desserts and two Cadbury Creme Eggs a MAJOR infringement, but since it was Easter? I say I did great. A perfect relaxing day to end our weekend away.

Oh, and who needs the Easter Bunny when you have the Easter SPIDER MAN?


No one.

9 thoughts on “Easter Bunny and Spiderman are Total BFFs”

  1. heehee 🙂 Love the picture, you little daredevils. Highlight of Easter for me was my son holding up just the tiny sugar carrot and a teeny bit of chocolate and yelling, This is all that’s left of my bunny!

  2. Good Job limiting the candy!!!! I tried hard to buy my kids candy they like- but I don’t! It was fine until Grandma bought peanut-butter eggs and Dove Milk Chocolate eggs…. I am doomed!

  3. Last week I actually found myself wondering if Donnie (still referred to as Mr. Z in my head) would be able to do the toss this year since she has grown so much.

    Does having this thought make me a freakish internet stalker?

  4. What delicious writing you do my dear. I hearby declare we shall become bootcamp/bloggy friends. Find me at boot camp since I have no flippin clue what you look like. Were we discussing uncomfortable cows today?

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