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Poker Face

Hands On Trucks Show

The look on that face. Do you know what that look is? That look says, “Um…Are they really letting me do this? Letting me behind the wheel of this MILITARY vehicle?” And do you know who he’s looking at? A soldier. Who was encouraging this behavior. He just kept looking between him and me and obviously thinking there was some sort of joke going on. Some sort of misunderstanding. SURELY this soldier was not going to let him behind the wheel of this vehicle, right? I mean…surely someone was going to STOP him? MOM? ANYONE?

It was cracking me up. Other kids were crawling around the vehicle pushing buttons trying to figure out how to start the vehicle. Mine was just staring at the people in charge. Waiting for someone to wise up and get the kids OUT OF THE ARMY TRUCK.

He never did relax and enjoy himself. In the recycling truck? Sure. The Ambulance? Yep. The Firetruck? Sure! But this one? Nope. He knew better. He wasn’t going to let his guard down. Not once. Not with REAL LIVE SOLDIERS standing guard. No siree. His mama didn’t raise no dummy.

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