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The Young Prince…For About 12 Seconds.

The Young Prince
Ah…Nothing says “high school” like institutional cinder block walls.

I made E let me take this picture before he went on stage last night. This is how he starts out the show. Notice he’s in his makeup AND he has his mic on. HOW COOL IS MY KID? He starts out as the young prince for the pantomime story of how the prince became the Beast. There are no lines, and it’s done with some awesome special stage effects (I SO WISH YOU COULD ALL COME SEE IT) to make E suddenly be the Beast, and then he does a Quick Change (Definition: When you strip off one costume just barely off stage and put on another) to be in the ensemble as a simple villager in the next scene. It’s one of the more fascinating parts of a stage show, to me, is the Quick Changes. There are tons of them in this show, and these kids just have to learn to have no modesty. I mean, they basically get partnered with people before the show opens who will help them strip and change during the entire run of the show. It’s a logistical puzzle organized by a director: Who is on the right side of the stage at the correct time with nothing to do: Pairing those kids up with ones that need help changing. There are TONS of teams just for the Clock and the Wardrobe since those are huge costumes that the actors can’t really get out of alone, even if they had all the time in the world.

He wears this for about 1 minute on stage, but he’s the first person you see. He is the opening face of the show and to me? That’s the coolest part of this very small job. He also gets to be part of a cool, tricky scene that even my husband – who KNOWS how they do it – said he didn’t realize what was happening the night we saw it. He was all, “Suddenly it was the Beast there and not E!” It’s so cool. And if I could show videos of it, I would, but they don’t allow it. It’s really too bad, too – because there are so many high school productions on YouTube that just pale in comparison to this one. I’d love to be able to show off – even small parts of it. But they won’t allow it for several reasons, many being creative ones.

So I can only give you pictures. And descriptions that are totally insufficient. Just imagine 40+ kids as awesome as mine…loaded with talent and energy…performing the HELL out of this show. And then imagine me crying during the entire thing and screaming and clapping after each song because I’m just so filled with pride for each and every one of them.

Especially this one.

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  1. I have enjoyed all of the theater related posts. My daughter is also a drama geek. She is now a college freshman. The experience has helped her excel in areas that will carry on for a lifetime. She recently went through a five-step interview process for a summer job at her university and got the job.
    I have continued to volunteer as the costume mistress. As a single, empty-nester, it has been a win-win for both of us.
    We did B&B last year. Fun play. Currently working on The Wizard of Oz (cast of 70, crew of 12).

  2. I only ever had one of those quick changes but I was wearing my swimming costume underneath all my costumes so I didn’t have to strip completely lol. My swimming costume was one of my costumes and that was embarrassing! lol. Then again I was a frog and it could have been worse lol.

    The funniest one was more of an accident – I was pulled off stage by my ankles the velcro on my shorts was caught on the tights i was wearing underneath and as i got dragged off my shorts decided to creep down – I was trying to play dead and it wasn’t working lol

  3. Oh, wow. When you first started blogging about it, I had no idea the scope and intricacy of this production. The costumes look very professional, and I can only imagine how it all comes together with the sets, lighting and special effects. I really wish I could be there to see it.

  4. He looks fantastic in that costume! I wish I lived closer so I could see the play.

  5. Sounds like E’s school is doing high-school-quality productions! My 18-yo daughter is a techie for our high school, and just this year they’re performing Seussical for their spring plroduction. Right now she’s involved with a lot of construction of sets. I remember you showing a few pictures from E’s school’s production of Seussical last year. I can’t wait to see what the high school does with it – it runs two weekends – the 29th & 30th of April and the 6th & 7th of May.

  6. Awesome ! I cannot believe this is the same young boy that you originally posted back in the day. I wish I lived near so I could see it.

  7. This one shows off his handsome a lot better than the old man makeup 😉 He looks great – and I am so there in the audience in spirit haha. You’ve made us all really, really want to be there.

  8. Fraulein N took the words right out of my mouth. Will you be showing pictures of the show? E looks amazing by the way 🙂

  9. I’ve really enjoyed these theater posts too–your enthusiasm is infectious. Had to pop in on this one and say how impressed I am with Z’s costume! He looks SO handsome.

  10. Liz – Central New Jersey – Partner Relations Specialist, Social Media Enthusiast & Professional Dork, enjoys living & writing from the shores of NJ (YES, on purpose!)
    Liz says:

    Your posts about B&B are so much fun! It’s hard to believe that this is about a high school production. The costumes are amazing. Would give an eye tooth to be able to see that transformation scene!!!

  11. Rachael1013 – Bellingham, WA USA – Sassy, fiery, tattooed bookworm, kinda-geek-girl, big heart, movie buff, mama to 2 crazy boys, photographer, windows down car singer following the thread of hope into a new phase of life. The written word is in my blood.
    Rachael says:

    Holy handsome! Wait, is that weird? I hope not. Your kid is awesome.

  12. Your son looks amazing! Very handsome and professional.

    Also – your school has some fantastic costumes! Neither our K-8 or high school have that level of quality. I wish I could have seen your show!

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