Mother Of A Theater Kid

Drunk With Pride. And Also Exhaustion. And Maybe A Little Beer.

Monsieur d'Arque

I can not even begin to put into words the joy of sitting in a long row filled with my family as we all watched my son sing his small but AWESOME part on stage. Because he is so new to this world, no one knew he could even sing. Much less well. It doesn’t help that some of them have heard me sing and assume no child of mine could have a chance at musical skill. Luckily none of my vocal genes seemed to have poisoned E’s code as he was BRILLIANT. And we all know I’m biased but even people NOT bound to him by blood complimented him. It was great. I was literally intoxicated with pride all weekend.

I’m also intoxicated with exhaustion. Thank GOD we have tonight off before our last show week, so I can go to bed at 5pm. Maybe then I’ll wake up by 4am, but I’m not going to make any promises. I’m tired enough that even 11 hours of sleep may not be enough.

9 thoughts on “Drunk With Pride. And Also Exhaustion. And Maybe A Little Beer.”

  1. Oh man – E looks so creepy, which is creepy in and of itself, because he’s such a cute kid haha. I wish it wasn’t evelenty billion miles to Alabama from here, or I’d totally be at the show 😉 You’re all rocking it – keep up the good work!

  2. i love when you kick it old-school!! AND i was also drunk w/ pride. i felt like i would if it would have been lauren or leelo!!

  3. Congrats E and congrats to you too!!! I am swimming with pride too by just reading your blog posts!!! So exciting!!!!!!!

  4. Liz – Central New Jersey – Partner Relations Specialist, Social Media Enthusiast & Professional Dork, enjoys living & writing from the shores of NJ (YES, on purpose!)
    Liz says:

    My kids would have loved to see it. Beauty and the Beast is our absolute favorite. Oh, and this pic is totally frame-worthy — congrats!!!

  5. Your appreciation for life and family inspires me and makes me happy. I’m glad there’s people like us to enjoy life and the amazements it brings. Corny or not, few people soak up the little joys and step out of theirselves to appreciate the bigger picture. Idk if it’s a gift or not, but ur blog was awesome!

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