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Opening Night (Are You Sick Of Theater Talk Yet?)

This is your sneak peak of my son for tonight’s show. He starts out looking like the picture on the left. He wears two different costumes with that hair/makeup. Then, at intermission he gets converted (I do his hair!) to the character on the right. He is Monsieur D’Arque and he’s the owner of the insane asylum who is going to take Belle’s father after being bribed by Gaston.

Let’s don’t bother discussing how fitting it is that he owns an insane asylum with how often I discuss my own mental shortcomings. See? My periodic lapse of THE KRAZEE has simply been an effort to help him get into character. I’m a good Mom, you know.

Nikki also started t-ball yesterday, and my husband is helping coach, so I had Wes with me for awhile at school. When they came to get Wes from me after practice, Nikki was wearing these flashy gold/jeweled sandals she has with her t-ball clothes. “Did she wear those shoes to practice?” “No, she brought those to change into after practice.”

Of course she did. My daughter insisted on a post-practice costume change even before she got home. That sounds about right. She’s a little aggressive fireball on the field, but a sequin-covered princess as soon as it’s over. This makes me equally proud and terrified of the next 10 years.

Maybe she’s just working on her own conflicting personalities so she can also help her big brother stay in character. See? We’re all just supporting his craft with our KRAZEE over here. Want to join us?

8 thoughts on “Opening Night (Are You Sick Of Theater Talk Yet?)”

  1. I can do KRAZEEE too.

    I used to be a theatre kid so I love all the Theater talk – makes me feel at home in a strange way lol.

    I’m going to see my best friend in Honk at the end of April and I’m stupidly excited because I was in a version of Honk when I was at school (we keep comparing notes on being tadpoles which is kinda funny – then again she says she’s a froglet lol.)

  2. I love KRAZEEE and adore you for sharing some of yours 🙂 Sounds like you’re having fun!

  3. I don’t think I can get sick of theater talk. It is so foreign to me it is very interesting. I can’t wait to see pictures (or video clips!) and hear all the details. From the small bits you’ve shared I am very impressed.

  4. Haha I’d love to be able to ascribe such noble intentions to my KRAZEE! Your family just seems like such a blast 🙂

  5. I’m amazed at how much E is transformed by his make-up. He kind of creeps me out when he’s in his “insane asylum” guy make-up. Which I suppose is sort of the point. Awesome!

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