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Necessity Is REALLY The Mother Of Invention. And Mad Hair Skillz.

BraidsThis theater thing my kid does has changed my life in many ways. We’ve discussed this, right? Well…let me tell you the newest way. I am now on the hair crew. Doing FRENCH TWISTS. What in the HECK?

They were going to be short-handed and they needed some french braids so I volunteered to help out since I felt like my make-up obligations would be so light. Turns out we also had a huge need for French Twists and not enough skilled hands to do them. The first night we did hair for rehearsal almost every one of my twists fell out while the girls were dancing. I decided to just let this mean: Kim does NOT do french twists.

Unfortunately, we still needed many done, and still didn’t have the hands to do them. So I made E’s friend let me practice on her. When I wasn’t under pressure with the girl changing costumes while I did her hair, panicking about missing her entrance, I was able to do it NO PROBLEM. Now? I’m almost a pro.

Okay, I’m not a pro. They’re not going to win any Perfect Twist contests or anything. But they’re up…they stay in…and it doesn’t require so many bobby pins that they can’t take it out for their next costume change. SERIOUSLY…some of these girls go back and forth on hair and costumes several times. It’s INSANE.

Of course, they’re also learning to do it themselves because most of them prefer not to have to depend on someone else when they’re short on time. But still…at one point in time yesterday I was THE french twist girl and had to stop the braiding – which others could do – to go do the twisting. HOW COOL AM I?

So, yeah. When you volunteer for any organization that needs about twice as many hands as they have, you find yourself doing things you would have never done before. For me that means: Hair and Makeup. French twists and Eyeliner. ME. How weird is that?

Today is our first show. It’s for the school kids, so it’s not officially opening night. That is Friday. But today is the first time we’ll have run the show with full everything: hair, makeup, effects, etc. I hope I get a chance to watch a bit. And I hope I don’t cry.

Who am I kidding, right? I may have learned to do a french twist, but I’m still a sobbing mess when it comes to watching uber-talented high school kids perform. I’m just so proud of them all. As time goes by I feel emotionally invested in each and every one of them. So…yeah. The tears will still pour, I’m sure. Hopefully the cred I’ve built up at the hair table will balance the dork-points I’ll now have for sobbing uncontrollably during the show.

4 thoughts on “Necessity Is REALLY The Mother Of Invention. And Mad Hair Skillz.”

  1. I cry every time I see those students perform. EVERY TIME. Um, at least you have a kid in the show and aren’t some weirdo ex-teacher-type-person crying in the audience 🙂

  2. Break a leg! I wish you could braid my hair for me haha. Braiding my own is a skill I … have yet to develop, I suppose.

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