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The Final Challenge

As many of you recall, I was asked to be the producer of next year’s Spring Musical at E’s high school. The current producer who has been doing it for 8 years, will no longer have a child at the school next year so she is retiring. I’m not sure how to explain the scale of these productions, but suffice it to say that NO ONE could be expecting more. People may know what to expect if they’ve seen these productions before at this school, but people who come for the first time are ALWAYS blown away. It’s thousands of man-hours from dozens of parents and kids with all money coming from fundraising and donations. It’s INSANE.

I agreed, of course, to take this on next year. This year, however, I feel has been my trial period. My first big challenge I was put on that I took as a Test to prove I was worthy – was as the volunteer coordinator for this theater competition at our school. Huge job, everything went great. I passed.

Today is my second test. Today is the Character Breakfast for Beauty and the Beast. I’ve been put in charge of it. When I volunteered to do this, it was a small ordeal in the small cafeteria. 60+ people at most. Breakfast casseroles and biscuits and such. But, then we ran into complications with using the kitchen and pancakes on electric skillets became the next shift. I can’t cook pancakes. I mean, I do and they turn out okay, but I’ve only done this 10 times or so in my LIFE. And suddenly I’m in charge of a pancake breakfast.

Then we move it to the bigger cafeteria and do TWO SEATINGS. As of Monday of this week we still only had about 60 people per seating, so I wasn’t too stressed. But in the last 7 days? We’ve sold out. Over 100 at each seating. Now, I’m suddenly in charge of a pancake breakfast for 220+ people and I CAN’T COOK PANCAKES.

Luckily there are other parents more knowledgeable that have helped. They took over the kitchen set-up after realizing that I was SO OVERWHELMED because I’m all, “What’s the difference between a griddle and a skillet?” So, I’ve managed reservations, bought food and decorations, organized and set up. But the cooking? I’m leaving up to more qualified parents. This is a very smart decision on my part. TRUST ME.

So, this morning it’s ON. By noon it will be over and we’ll know if I passed my second test. If this goes well, then hopefully the directors will breathe easy about me taking over the producer spot next year. And I’ll feel better as well, because sometimes I sit back and go, “Wait. What’s going on? This time last year I was just learning what Stage Right and Stage Left mean. How did I end up being in charge of something?” Because that is the nature of volunteer work. And I don’t regret it for a second.

I guess as long as the kids are happy today, and get to see their Belle, then all is well. And tonight I’ll go to bed early because tomorrow is our first dress rehearsal for B&B…and I won’t get a full night’s sleep again until we strike the set in 2 weeks.

And I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I don’t often proof my entries thoroughly, hence the hideous typos and misspellings. But today I’m not proofing AT ALL. NO TIME. MUST GO HANG UP BALLOONS. Please pardon any horrible errors on my part.

5 thoughts on “The Final Challenge”

  1. This is actually an aspect of volunteering that I love. If you’re good at it, you skyrocket through the ranks. I’m hoping to see the same kind of upward mobility when I start my hospital volunteering this coming week.

    I love that you’re so involved with your kids activities. It’s the one fear I have about my current path, that I might not be able to be involved as much as I’d like with Evi’s future adventures.

  2. Look at you, rocking the theatre program! You really are an amazing lady, Kim. I’m sure E loves having you so involved and you’ll have such special memories from all the great things you do together.

  3. You are doing great!
    ps. your posts are showing up in my feed reader and I can read them but when I click on your main page it’s still showing the post about NikiZ in pink/blue. The new post isn’t on your main page.

  4. This is so exciting! You’ll do fine. You’re “testing” yourself and taking on bigger and bigger tasks. And you know your strengths and weaknesses. Plus you’re getting involved enough to know the other people and THEIR strengths and weaknesses.

    As I was reading about your apprehension regarding pancakes, I was thinking “get someone else to cook!” And of course you did. 🙂 Around here the Kiwanis (and probably some of the other service clubs like that) put on pancake breakfasts, so I don’t imagine it’s hard to find guys who’ve done that before and know all the ins and outs.

  5. You will do great!! The first sign of a great mind is to delegate your weaknesses to others better equipped. Making the pancakes wasn’t your thing, so you delegated… GO YOU!!!!

    I have been reading you for years and I can honestly say you have grown so much as a person, you are amazing. Best of luck on B&B and all the productions you tackle!

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