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His new obsession

Wes’s new obsession is puzzles. He works on them all the time. He wakes up asking about puzzles. He goes to bed only AFTER he’s played with puzzles. Of course, many of the times he’s really just watching me do the puzzle, but he helps. And he LOVES it. When he’s about to have a tantrum about something? It’s the easiest form of distraction. “Wes, want to go do some puzzles?” “YEAH! Princess puzzles!”

(One of the natural side effects of having a big sister: Girly hand-me-downs.)

Letter Puzzle

I love it because Nikki went through the same phase. She had an ABC puzzle she did about 30 times a day when she was deep in her Puzzle Period. It’s so cool to see him doing the same thing, obsessing over the same challenges. And to the same degree. PUZZLES! The new toddler crack in our home.

What about you? Did your kid become obsessed with puzzles around age 2 1/2?

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  1. Mine will be 3 at the end of May and he LOVES puzzles. We’ve bought him several puzzles and our dog has gotten ahold of many of the pieces but surprisingly, he doesn’t care and continues to love those too. I thought it was just him because my husband loves puzzles too but maybe it is an age thing.

  2. We are in the midst of that as well with our daughter! She will be three in August. I know my son (now 5, almost 6… wail!) went through this stage at around the same age and it definitely ebbs and flows but he is still puzzle obsessed. If we get out puzzles, he will sit and do them for hours!

  3. My almost 2 year old daughter recently became quite enthralled by puzzles – and she has the same ABC puzzle that Nikki had and oh my, I step on those pieces all the time! If she didn’t love it so much… would be gone!

  4. I can’t remember the exact age, but yes! My middle son REALLY liked puzzles. You know how the puzzle boxes are labelled with a suggested age range? He was always really advanced at the puzzles he could do. I took it as a sign (or at least I hoped it was a sign) that he’d be good at math, maybe become a doctor on an engineer. Didn’t happen. He was an OK student, but is a exercise/sport science/health communication major, business minor who loves philosophy.

    The other two? They did puzzles, but didn’t seem as good or as interested in them. One has a construction management degree (and a great job in his field), the other is majoring in early childhood development (iirc).

    So I guess it was just a “puzzle phase,” not a spatial aptitude/talent.

  5. Whoops, I said “middle son,” but I only have two sons, one daughter (the early childhood major)… it was the middle kid (a son) who exhibited the advanced puzzle talent. And he WAS pretty good at math, at least until the last year or two of high school (when the teacher you have can make so much difference).

  6. My younger son (now 20) said he was going to be a “puzzle-man” when he grew up.

  7. I don’t remember when he started, but my BoyChild became obsessed with puzzles and at 8 he still is. I think for him, it is a calming/focusing mechanism. I figure whatever works!

  8. We’re just starting on that with my 2.25 yo, and I’m looking forward to doing more. She’s right between the two levels of puzzles: easy wooden peg ones, and the loads of 3+ yo puzzles that we have from her older brother, so sometimes puzzle making is frustrating…especially when I’m making dinner and can’t help.

  9. Yes, yes, yes! We have a 2.5 year old and ALL she wants to do is puzzles. The first introduction of one takes a lot of effort from us to help her, but she soon memorizes them and can do them by herself. She’ll methodically work through all of them which gives us a pretty good chunk of do-other-stuff time while she’s engaged with puzzles. We loooove puzzles around here.

  10. We are in the midst of (almost) 3 year old puzzle addiction. Thankfully our Goodwill always has a good selection of 24 and 36 piece puzzles. Storage hint—cut out the front of the box (so you have the picture) and put it (and the puzzle of course) in a quart ziplock bag. Multiple ziplocks stand up nicely in a 24 beer box. I’m sure you can put them in a nice basket but a leftover beer box is sooo classy.

  11. My older daughter loved puzzles as a toddler and well into elementary school. She could even work on the smaller adult jigsaw puzzles in 1st or 2nd grade. My younger daughter wasn’t really into puzzles until early elementary school when somebody gave her a couple of those huge novelty puzzles with big pieces. Both kids have turned out to be very good at math, so go figure.

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