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Chasing The Sister Who Is Also The Krazee

Enjoying the Weather

Nikki and Wes are so close. They just love each other and like being together. And Wes looks up to her with the admiration of a busload of Beiber fans. He follows her around at the playground trying to do everything she does. It’s especially funny because she’s a daredevil, he’s not. Neither of my boys are…but Nikki? Knows NO fear whatsoever. But oh – he tries. And her actions can inspire bravery in him much more than my own encouragement does. But it’s always a battle for him. You can see it as he is deciding not to go down the slide she just did. The internal war between BE LIKE HER and OH MY GOD, SO SCARY is always going strong. At our most recent playground trip, I saw victory on both sides.

Enjoying the Weather

But man…it is so hard on him. You can see him really wishing she would STOP CLIMBING ALREADY. Because he knows he has to try to do what she’s doing…even if he has NO DESIRE. It’s like an involuntary reaction.

Enjoying the Weather

When Wes sees Nikki move on to something like that picture above, you can see him sigh. Like: Great. She’s doing something death-defying again. Why can’t she swing with me? Like a normal child? And he’ll muster up his courage and walk often slowly to where she is. You can tell he’s always hoping she’ll switch to a safer activity before he actually makes it to her. And considering how fast and easily bored she is? This is a good strategy.

Enjoying the Weather

But regardless, she always moves on to something just as insane. She knows NO FEAR. Never has. But, without her daredevil actions, I think sometimes he wouldn’t do half of what he does. He would stay on the swings the entire time we were at the park, without her inspiration to do other things. So, while I see it tears him up inside to battle his instincts for safety with his desire to impress his sister, I’m so glad he can be influenced like that. It allows him to experience things he otherwise wouldn’t. Even if it scares him to death.

Enjoying the Weather

7 thoughts on “Chasing The Sister Who Is Also The Krazee”

  1. …man. I would not handle having a daredevil child very well haha. My husband would LOVE it and would probably take them crocodile wrestling or something. While I would be all “why don’t we just sit in this nice cushioned room and read about adventures instead of actually trying to kill ourselves shall we? Maybe we’ll go crazy later and juggle knives.”

    As you can imagine I was not very adventurous. I remember when I was around 11, my class went to this outdoor nature adventure thingy and we had to climb across a rope ladder. Everyone had to do it. Oh, and they videotaped it. When we watched it back at school they had to fastforward through my climb because I was so slow. My part fastforwarded was as fast as other people were going normally. Embarassiiingggg.

  2. Oh, I’m no daredevil either. I’m just now at the point where I’m not freaking out everytime she does something Krazee. As an adult my fears have only gotten worse. I won’t even ride roller-coasters anymore. I at least did that as a Kid. Nikki? Went on Tower of Terror in Disneyworld. I WOULD NOT. Of course, she swears she’ll never do it again, but I think she’s just saying that to make me feel better! HA!

  3. Hah!!! Oh my God. I used to be NUTS about roller coasters and my dad would take me even though I was too short – my mum would say no, but was voted down by my dad and my brothers. Me and my husband went on a rollercoaster a couple years ago and after we sat on the sidewalk for half an hour talking about how glad we were to still be alive. Now we only have to see that rollercoaster and we simultaneously start laughing and say “never, ever, ever again”.

    I guess it’s inevitable that we all turn into our mothers *shudder*

  4. My boys were dare-devilish (but probably only to a normal degree — aren’t most boys that way? maybe it was the other boys they hung around with), but my daughter, not so much. The boys were enough — and I have the memories of ER visits and broken bones to prove it. The younger boy would follow whatever the older one was doing; the older one would follow along with his yet-older friends.

    I think I’ve gotten more daring as I’ve gotten older. Not that I’m jumping out of airplanes or helicopter skiing or skin-diving with sharks. I was a stereotypical girl bookworm and not very athletic as a kid (Who am I kidding? I’m not athletic now, either!), so I didn’t start out very high on the dare-devil scale. But I’ll do roller-coasters, love the 10-story high wedgie-inducing water slides, and really want to go out on that “sky walk” at the Grand Canyon someday. Maybe it’s a desire to experience new things, knowing that at 50-something, I may not have many more opportunities.

    Has Nikki ever done gymnastics? It seems like she’d be a natural.

    It’s always so interesting to see how our kids’ personalities develop, influenced by birth order and the personalities of their siblings.

  5. “with the admiration of a busload of Beiber fans”

    that is funny stuff, man. LOL. for realz.

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