Paint Night - Valentine's Day Class Look what we did! We went to a date night painting class on Monday at Spirited Art, which I’ve done several times by myself, but this was the first time Donnie had ever painted here. He had such a good time. We both did. It was maybe one of the most fun dates we’ve ever had.

It was funny, though, seeing how the other couples handled the whole “joint painting” project. Some couples took turns painting on each others canvas to make sure the styles and the techniques matched perfectly so the too paintings would look seamless next to each other. Then there were several, like us, who just tried to make them similar, but would not (COULD NOT) relinquish any sort of control to the other person.

I actually said early on, “We are not going to stress out about matching because I just want to paint my own painting.” Donnie and I are both control freaks, painting on each other’s works of art? NO-NO. And since we both paint differently, there was no way they were going to match perfectly. And we were perfectly okay with that. We did connect them for the trees, but we painted our own trees. They don’t look seamless, but they look great together and that worked for us.

We probably would have been better off with paintings designed to hang together, but not match perfectly. Then I wouldn’t have had to keep going, “Back away from the painting!” to my loving husband on Valentine’s Day. But even with my control-freak tendencies, it was still super-awesome.

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  1. Awesome job and great date night idea! We are trying to re-vamp our together time into different and interesting stuff, I have to see if they have something like this near us. I have to admit, I thought MrZ would have painted the side you were standing on because for some reason I think of him as an engineer, and the left side (yours) looks very good and flowing but has some regiment to it, if that makes sense. I love how you both totally complimented each others work, but made it your own.

  2. Those are fab 🙂 I think it would drive me crazy going to do a painting class with CJ but I’m up for trying lol. We played monopoly on Monday which would have been fine but he likes to play to the death so whoever gets bankrupted first is the loser – we played for nearly 2 and a half hours to get to that point lol.

  3. “They don’t look seamless, but they look great together and that worked for us.” – that just sounds like a grand metaphor for a lovely relationship 😉

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    Rachael says:

    I SO wish there was a Spirited Art where I live! I love the other paintings you’ve made, but this sounds like such an AWESOME date night!

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