Snowmeggedon 2011

My replacement

If you’re wondering what happened to me yesterday…you are looking at it. We had quite a snow…possibly record breaking but definitely something we haven’t seen in almost 20 years. Since we bought this house…on a steep hill…we’ve wondered when and if we’d ever get a chance to sled down it. AND WE DID. And it was just as awesome as we hoped and not as dangerous as we feared.

My husband sliding toward our house which is mid-way on the hill…

MrZ sledding down our hill

and then sliding down the rest of the hill PAST our house.

MrZ sledding down our hill

I probably trekked up that hill at least 30 times, a lot of times carrying the sled and sometimes a kid as well. E and I figured out the best method was with me on the front of the sled steering and him squatting down on the back after giving us a big push. We crashed every time…BUT…it was still awesome.

Easy Ride

I’m also trying my best to get this new design working the way I envisioned it a million years ago. The commenting issue and how to get there seems to be fixed. I think. Hopefully it’s more intuitive now. I’m also going to have a section for my photos and a section for recipes I’m trying that I like so if you see me posting random “PHOTO ENTRY” or “FOOD ENTRY” things here and there…just be patient. Hard to test out a section that doesn’t actually exist yet. When it’s all done, though, I’m hoping the new set-up will encourage MORE content from me which is pretty impressive since I consider myself quite a blabbermouth to begin with.

Our house in the snow

10 thoughts on “Snowmeggedon 2011”

  1. Wow! There seems to be crazy weather every where at the moment – we had snow before Christmas (you might have heard about the UK airports being closed) and it was about 9 inches deep outside my house (18cm ish)

  2. I’m impressed you have a sled! I live in MN where we always have some snow (this year alot) and I’m still putting the 2yo on the baby sled because we never got around to getting a real sled.

  3. Looks like fun! And, the design looks like it’s coming along, too. I sure wish we had show here in South Louisiana. We just got the COLD!

  4. We’re on our second snow day in a row. And tomorrow still looks sketchy. I love it! If only Benjamin were old enough to enjoy it…

  5. Looks like fun. We’re about to get our own snowmaggedon in the PNW and also live on a nice big hill.

  6. Glad you had so much fun in the snow.

    Looking forward seeing more of what you’re doing with the blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

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