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Sadie, the Child Whisperer


My kids hate our dogs. Well…maybe not “hate.” That’s a strong word. But they get really annoyed by our dogs. And They rarely give them unrequested affection. As a matter of fact, most of the time they’re pushing the dogs away when they are trying to get love from the kids.

Now, Wes is a bit more tolerant of the dogs and sometimes even likes them. His sister – on the other hand – never shows any sort of joy about the dogs. THEY DRIVE HER CRAZY.

She loves Sadie way more than her own dogs

But my brother’s dog? Sadie? Who is part Shiba Inu and part Chow…two breeds way scarier than a lab beagel mix and a Boston Terrier? The kids LOVE HER. They kiss her and hug her and fight over who gets to pet her. Of course – she’s got one of the sweetest personalities of any dogs I’ve ever known. She never jumps on you or gets over-excited like my dogs do. That’s what annoys my kids the most, she just patiently stands there and waits for your love.

The kids LOVE her.

Do any of your kids do that? We just assumed our kids didn’t really like dogs. They’ve shown annoyance at other family’s dogs as well too. But Sadie? Nope. Love. LOVE. LOVE. I think it’ just Sadie. I think everyone falls in love with here. Even hardened dog-haters like my kids.


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  1. My son is the same way. We have a sweet black lab/hound mix who he wants nothing to do with. But my dad’s dog he will play with for hours in the back yard. Also his dad got a new dog a few months ago and my son as actually said he’s addicted to him. I got my dog when my son was about 18 months or so and imagined when he got a little older he would love and play with her all the time. He’s 6 1/2 now and still wants nothing to do with her unless he tries to ride her.

  2. That’s really interesting, I just sort of assume that kids who live in homes with pets love those pets. My parents had a cat before I was born, and I loved him like I’d picked him out myself, and I’m convinced that the reason I am a cat person more than a dog person is because I had always cats growing up. I mean, I like dogs, but I don’t “get” them the way I get cats, you know?

    My husband’s allergic to cats so we can’t have them, but we’ve always planned to get a dog at some point. I’d planned on starting to look for one when our first child is about 18 months to 2 years old, but now I’m wondering if perhaps we should wait even longer so she’s old enough to participate in the picking-out process, if maybe that would sort of guarantee her interest in the dog a little more? I don’t want to wait till ALL our kids are old enough, because that will be years (our first kid’s still in utero and we’re planning on at least one if not two more after her), but maybe if the oldest loves the dog then the younger ones will learn by proxy? I don’t know.

  3. I’m with Erin… we always had dogs, our kids were around them from the start, and they seemed to love them all along. I think for the most part our kids love dogs because WE love dogs, and taught them appropriate behavior, that not all dogs are friendly, what not to do around dogs, etc.

    I think it probably depends more on you, how well-trained your dogs are and how you behave around the dogs, what you may have sub-consciously taught them. To some extent a dog’s “personality” is innate, but I think if you’ve raised them from puppyhood, then your dog’s temperament is mostly your doing.

    Or maybe we were just lucky and were blessed with kids who like dogs. 🙂

  4. Huh, maybe it’s the name. We have cats (who my son loves) and my son loves pretty much all dogs (except perhaps the German Shepard puppy that my neighbors just got, who is just tall enough to put her paws on his shoulders and LICK). But the favorite it our friend’s dog Sadie. She will be a drum, a horsey, whatever, just give her love. I worry she’s teaching him false expectations of dogdom.

  5. Maybe they see them as something like a sibling? That’s why they’re nice to their non-siblings? I don’t know. My daughter was really, really slow to warm up to dogs. But she doesn’t really like any dogs at all.

  6. What a gorgeous dog! I wonder if the kids see their own dog as competition for affection/time? Odd. I hope mine grows up loving her dogs and not wishing they’d go away. Fingers crossed!

  7. My son just saw the pictures of Sadie and said, “That dog is beautiful!” Even from thousands of miles away she wins kids over. She does look exactly like a brown version of one of our dogs, Molly. Molly was a chow/lab mix. He loved her and our other dog, but by the time he was old enough to run and play with them they were too old to do much running. He did not love to be licked, however.

  8. Omg_Sadie looks majestic in the picture, love her!!! =))) It would be great to have more time to read your blog slowly. It does have meaning to me. x ~~^^~~

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