Is It Over Yet?

Why is Christmas SO EXHAUSTING? I have the kids down for their naps and I’m minutes away from collapsing myself. Except there’s still a whole half-a-day left! I still have to shower, cook some more, and head over to the in-law’s for a gluttonous family dinner.

I just wanted to pop in with a couple pictures from this morning. After asking for two years straight now, Nikki finally got her first American Girl Doll. Santa made sure that Lanie (that’s her name) was wearing the same pajamas Nikki wore when she went to bed last night. He’s magic like that, you know. This is my first foray into the world of American Girl dolls as well although I have a lot of (much younger) friends who remember their own very fondly growing up. I hope Nikki does as well because Santa would like you to know…THOSE THINGS ARE RIDICULOUSLY PRICED. Although, that kinda didn’t matter when I got to see her face as she realized it was A) A REAL American Girl Doll (she got a fake last year) and B) It was wearing the SAME PAJAMAS she was!

Wes got a bunch of what he asked for as well but was very overwhelmed with the entire experience. He’s happy…don’t get me wrong…but in a little bit of shock over the fact that POOF! there are presents! And many are for him!

This is the year E spends Christmas with his Dad so I spent a good chunk of the morning texting him pictures of what he was missing with several sappy, “I miss you!” type messages. He finally texted back around 10am having just woken up. Damn teenagers. My heart is always a little sad these years because it’s hard to get 100% into Christmas when one of your kids is somewhere else. But – he’ll be back tomorrow! Then more presents!

And then…the biggest surprise of all? SNOW! This is the most snow I think I’ve witnessed in Huntsville, and it’s definitely Wes’s first snow of any significance as well as the first White Christmas I think I’ve ever had.

Happy and Blessed. That’s what I am. And also…REALLY FREAKIN’ TIRED.

Peace and Happiness to you all. And also some well-deserved rest, if you’re any bit as exhausted as I am.

12 thoughts on “Is It Over Yet?”

  1. I get excited every time I see someone get an American Girl doll because I wanted one SO BAD growing up. My mom wouldn’t pay that much though, so I never got one. I just read the catalog over and over and over again. (How could she not give in to that?!?!) I think there were only 3 dolls then — Kirsten, Molly, and…Samantha maybe? (I’m 30 so they must have been around for awhile).

    I feel like I need to snatch up a Molly doll for my daughter while she is still around.

    I’m so thrilled that it snowed on her first Christmas, even though she’s a baby and has no clue what is going on.

  2. Great pictures as always! A little jealous over your white Christmas (lol). Being from the south, it don’t usually happen. The closest I remember is a icy Christmas about 12 years ago.

  3. Courtney – Huntsville, AL – I'm a late 20's Southerner who tries to juggle too many things at one time. My husband and I moved to Alabama a few years ago from Tennessee. I grew up in the theatre and on the stage thanks to my ballet training. Nowadays, I spend most of my time grading papers and forcing high school brains to function outside the box. TwirlingOnTiptoes makes me feel stress free and calm - which is what I want to think about whenever I blog. However, I end up doing a lot of venting so maybe this is a happy place AFTER I'm done blabbing.
    Courtney says:

    If you can stand it, in a few years, and you venture on a vacation up north, check out the American Doll store. It’s insane. When we traveled to Chicago and NYC (we went over the last 2 Christmas’) we always see the girls with beaming faces and defeated parents lugging large bags from the AG store. I’m jealous. I always wanted a real AG doll; I only got a mini one. 🙂

  4. Like Lisa, I spent quite a bit of time drooling over the American Girl catalog when I was a kid. (And boy does that make me feel old.) I’m psyched for Nikki that she got one.

  5. Wow! You got a white Christmas and I, way up in Canada, didn’t haha! I guess I must’ve sent you ours – so Merry Christmas 😉 I hope that the rest of your day was great.

  6. Have a Great Day, Happy and Blessed~=D ~~~and the all american doll actually looked cute, I am not too acquainted with dolls ^^, but looks like Nikki will love the doll very much~~~xo

  7. Christmas was exhausting for me and I dont even have kids. Does a puppy count? Visiting Christmas Eve night then back on Christmas morning with dog in tow then on to parents with dog in tow, lugging things in and out everywhere we went. I need a vacation!

  8. Merry Christmas! My American Girl doll is still my favorite Christmas present ever so I’m sure “Santa” made NikkiZ’s Christmas so special!

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