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The Life Of The Party

Once upon a time, a little boy went to a birthday party at a pretty fun place. There was skeeball, inflatable slides and air hockey! That little boy was having a LOT of fun at the party just as all of the children were.

KidVenture Birthday Party

KidVenture Birthday Party

KidVenture Birthday Party

KidVenture Birthday Party

And then…that little boy discovered the most fun thing of all…the TEACUP.

KidVenture Birthday Party

KidVenture Birthday Party

KidVenture Birthday Party

This was his favorite thing at the party. His Mom watched him play and she laughed and told her friends, “He obviously doesn’t get the love of spinning from me, I would have thrown up by now.” Can you guess what happened next, Boys and Girls?


Evidently even laughing children have a spinning limit. All of the children at the party found this event to be the most exciting thing in the WORLD. They all ran to their parents to tell them what had just happened. “Wes threw up in the teacup! AND IT WAS RED!” (Raspberries for lunch, anyone?)

And of course…what do think he wanted to do next?

KidVenture Birthday Party

Now…don’t you want to invite this lovely boy to YOUR next party?

12 thoughts on “The Life Of The Party”

  1. He now has a standing invitation to any and all of our parties. He is SO freaking cute. If we start now, we can get him and Evi hooked up before they’re old enough to fight back! 😛

  2. Sooo funny. Made my morning. My kids currently have a stomach bug, so this was a great laugh.

  3. Haaa! so funny! It reminds me of the movie Elf, where Buddy spins around and around in the revolving door, then runs over to puke in the trashcan, then – right back to spinning around and around in the revolving door again!

  4. Where did you get his Scooby Doo shirt? My daughter is obessed and I looked around Kohls for shirts and PJs to no available though I live in a small town with little selection so I am not surprised! Anyway, if you remember please let me know. THANKS!

  5. Awww, he’s so cute! You should buy him a Sit ‘n Spin….and a big bucket. LOL!

  6. Kids are the best. From throwing up to eating cupcakes in no time flat. Awesome. Also… is the vomit the reason for the 2 different shirts?

  7. Hmm, if they vomit at a place like that, does that mean you don’t have to clean it up?

    Questions that never occurred to me pre-kids. He is adorable – glad it didn’t stop his fun!

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