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About Last Night…

So, let’s back up a day, shall we? TWO nights ago I got minimal sleep because I was having so much fun finishing up the little details for the party.

Now…let’s fast-forward to last night. When people finally started arriving everything was perfect. I got it all done in time, I was in costume and ready to go. The kids loved the games and the adults seemed to enjoy the conversation. We had loads of fun. Then it came time for the movie. Everyone headed their own ways and suddenly I felt ill. Like I was hungover. I was dizzy and queasy. We got to the movie and it just got worse. 5 minutes before the movie, the exhaustion took over and I could barely funtion. I puked in the bathroom at the theater and then stumbled to the van where I slept for the entire movie. Trying to get my body to quit revolting over my lack of sleep.

So…Party? GREAT. BRILLIANT. FANTASTIC. Movie? I’m still crying because I missed it.

We’re going tomorrow, and I’m going to try my best to get a good night’s sleep to prepare. I’m still a bit groggy but I don’t feel drunk or hungover anymore. I guess I’m too old for two late nights in a row?

Anyway – I didn’t take any pictures during the party itself because I just got so into it all. But here are some more of the prep and games and ONE picture I had someone take of me and E before the party. It’s the only proof I have that people were actually there that night. Glad other people took pictures or else it would look like I did all that work for myself!

Harry Potter Premiere Party
Harry Potter Premiere Party
Made by E, it hung below the attic door.

Harry Potter Premiere Party
On the bathroom door

Harry Potter Premiere Party
More spell banners for the Spell Hunt game

Harry Potter Premiere Party

Harry Potter Premiere Party
My movie memorabilia on the fridge

Harry Potter Premiere Party
One of the horcruxes. They were each hidden with a trivia question for the Advanced Fans, and a letter for the younger fans who just had to figure out the word jumble after finding all six horcruxes

Harry Potter Premiere Party
More horcruxes and trivia

Harry Potter Premiere Party
Certificate given after the Spell Hunt, OotP Membership card given after the Horcrux hunt. When you got both? You could pick something off the prize table!

Harry Potter Premiere Party
Some spell hunt pages

All in all, if I had to be sick for one part of the evening I would have rather missed the movie than the party. It was tons of fun. I just need to remember I’m not in my 20s anymore and I can’t do more than one sleepless night in a row without paying terribly for it. I’m still not 100% today, hesitant to eat anything too rich. This is a very good thing considering how many pumpkin brownies and muffins I have in my house right now.

15 thoughts on “About Last Night…”

  1. Glad the party went well. This post hasn’t hit my feed reader yet. I just happened to think of you this morning, came over to your site to check, and lo and behold — a post!

    I haven’t seen the movie yet, either, because my HP buddy is out of town. She introduced me to the books and we’ve seen every movie together, so I’m waiting … impatiently!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. So sorry that you missed the movie. At least you can try that part of the evening again! Reminds me a little of my big 10th anniversary trip to Europe last October. Planning it originally started out to be fun and then the closer the trip got, the more anxious I was about getting everything done. I couldn’t sleep on the plane, and was horribly jet lagged and sick to my stomach the entire 7 days. We still managed to do most of what we’d planned, but I couldn’t eat much of anything. Who loses 4 pounds on vacation? I do!

    Anyway, get lots of rest and enjoy the movie tomorrow!

  3. oh I’m so sorry you missed the movie!

    looks like the party was great – I love those tattoos!

    and I know what you mean about two late nights in a row – It takes me almost a week to recover! man, I’m getting old! ha.

  4. SO MUCH FUN! Great work…sucks that you didn’t get to see the movie though! I see it next Saturday with my friend…we have seen all of the movies together, even though we now live indifferent towns.

  5. Sorry to hear you missed the movie. But unlike the party, you can see it another time.

    It’s hard to host a party and take pictures (believe me, I’ve tried). Glad you at least got some before hand. If you have another party, maybe ask a friend to take pictures.

    Hee… I thought the “Quarantine” sign was for the little kids’ room, so they could sleep while the party was going on!

    I still need to see Half-Blood Prince!

  6. I wish I had been to your party. Seriously. I threw one for Goblet of Fire, but no where NEAR as cool as this. I didn’t go at midnight this year, either. Having a nursing four month old who doesn’t sleep through the night doesn’t lend itself to midnight showings. Being an adult is, like, hard!

  7. Oh that looks so awesome, Kim! Sorry you had to miss the movie, though. I’m not sure when I’m going to see it, actually. Apparently I’m a very bad fan 😉

  8. This looks SO COOL. And your hair is AWESOME! And when you say “temporary,” what are we talking about? Because I am remembering when I used one of those Natural Instincts non-permanent hair colors to color my hair dark brown, and then later, when the color faded somewhat but didn’t come out, saw the part on the box where it says that going several shades darker may be sort of permanent after all, and then I spent $90 to get a colorist to put it back the way it was, and now I am eying the intense blackness of your hair and thinking, “Eep?” And I might also be thinking, “If NOT eep, then tell me how you did it because it is so awesome and I want to do it to my hair too.”

  9. Once again I am super impressed with all the effort you have put into this party. You are defiantly one of those really “fun” moms. I am sure your fellow party goers are going to be remember this party forever. I am sorry you missed sleep and felt so awful for the actually screening though 🙁

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