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In the last 5-10 years I find that I’ve become – what I like to call – and idea girl. Every day ideas pop into my head: crafts, web sites, home decor projects, book plots..things I want to make, write and do. Sometimes, if it’s something easy, I’ll pursue the ideas. Other times, if it’s not so easy, and also not that awesome, they’ll just fizzle out in my mind. And other times they’re not easy, but still very awesome, and I spend a lot of time thinking about them. Contemplating how I’d see them through if I had what I needed: time, money, skill.

Whatever the case, I very rarely execute the ideas. Sometimes because I don’t have the necessary resources: time, money or skill. Most of the time because another idea comes along (Something SHINY!) and I lose interest and/or focus. So, unless the idea can be executed in a short amount of time with few resources, it never sees the light of day.

I think that’s why cooking has been such a focus of my life, because those ideas can be executed in less than a day with a quick trip to the grocery store.

Sometimes I am irritated about this trait, because when I think about all of the un-executed ideas, I equate that to a level of failure. But – of course – when 15 ideas pop into your head a day, you are going to see more fail than succeed. It’s the downside of being an idea girl. You can’t see them all through. Of course, I don’t see hardly any of them through because they all require that one precious resource I never have enough of: TIME.

But I wonder, if I had more time, would I see them through? Or would I still have so many pop into my head that I would lose focus and never finish one before moving to another. (SHINY!) I guess I’m glad I don’t have the resources because I do get distracted so easily, and I surely would have a pile of unfinished crafts, half-written books and and domain names with no content pages behind them. (SHINY!)

What about you? Do you deal with the constant barrage of ideas with no time, money or skills to see them through? Or do you have that stuff and can see them through? Or does it even matter because you get so distracted by the next shiny idea that you couldn’t see it through even if you wanted to?

Update from 2021: 2010 Kim should have gotten evaluated for ADHD so Kim of 2021 could quite thinking about it.

11 thoughts on “Idea Girl (Shiny!)”

  1. I’m glad someone else out there gets the urge to buy domain names. In the last year, I’ve bought four…

  2. you just described me EXACTLY! I’m a crafty person by nature (I’m the one that sent you the Cisco statue) and constantly seduced by those dang craft magazines. Right now I have a glass kiln and glass, and an unassembled paper mache greyhound sitting in my dining room because I STARTED buying supplies for ideas I had and then got distracted by the ‘Next Big Idea’.

    This habit seriously disturbs my husband!

  3. I have crazy ideas then try and put them into practice and realise that my skills aren’t as good as I thought they were and so my plan doesn’t come out as expected

  4. I call it my popcorn brain. 🙂

    Until my son was born I would chase half-heartedly after some of the ideas, and let others just die in my brain. Occassionally, I would then pour myself a LARGE glass/bottle of wine when I saw it in the marketplace.

    Since he was born and my vacation time no longer covers what I want/need it to – I’m chasing the ideas down and forcing them into existance.

    My guy is changing my life and it is cool!

  5. I got it too – especially the ‘puzzle it out’ part. Sometimes it takes me a year to get something going but when I finally get it done its awesome. I feel projects need to ‘mature’

  6. Yeah, unfortunately I leave a lot of things unfinished too. BUT. Just think – you are picking the best ones, and being all efficient and what not. SQUIRREL!

  7. oh my gah I am the exact.same.way. constantly ideas popping up and then on to the next thing. I am always saying to myself, what was I just thinking about 10 minutes ago? I know it was important. ha.

    Most of the time I do not see things all the way through. But I did finally start my blog, so I guess there’s that.

  8. Write those ideas down! Believe it or not, some day your kids’ needs won’t consume the bulk of your day and you’ll have some “free” time to act on them.

    Or perhaps you’ll find a friend or visiting relative who is crafty and would like to try some of the things you’ve thought of.

    Always good to have more ideas than time to carry them out. Then you can pick and choose which ones you like best, which seem easiest, most workable or appropriate, etc.

  9. I keep a list of my ideas but there’s no way I have the time to see them all through. If one seemed like a truly good idea to, say, bring in some revenue I’d give it a go. But in the meantime? No time. Still, I keep a “parking lot” for the best ones for later on, when maybe my kids will be a little older and more independent.

  10. Ahh, the Land of Half A$$! Welcome to my country. Unfortunately, I fall into the start-lots-o-projects-that-move-at geological-speed-to-completion category. I have tons of fabric for projects that I have never started… Someday, right?

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