My Childhood, Thing 3


Watching the wind

We had a very tiny screened in porch in the house I grew up in. VERY TINY. On that porch there was a gurney.

What? You didn’t have gurneys in your home? You much not have had a Dad who was a biomedical engineer at a hospital then. Because he had access to the best “trash” piles ever. We had 3 old-school, all mechanical, gurneys in our home. One was on the porch.

And we’re back to the porch.

We would sit out there (on the gurney) during storms when we were growing up. It was such a good thing to be kinda in a storm but perfectly safe the entire time. When we first saw the screened in porch on this house? We fell in love with the porch. Mostly because it’s just awesome. Huge and awesome. Beat up, needs some repairs…BUT AWESOME.

From the play area

Wes and I sat out there yesterday and watched the storms roll in. Now…we didn’t have a gurney to lounge on…but other than that? It felt just like hanging out on the porch in Knoxville. It was such a peaceful space in time. Watching the leaves blow, discussing that many of them looked they came from the sky because the wind blew them so high before letting go. It was very fun. And very awesome.


It also made me very glad we found a house with old trees around it. There are dozens of new neighborhoods popping up around here. They plow down all of the trees and build every house on an empty plot. Then they come in and plant a baby tree or two somewhere on the property. No shade. No leaves. The new houses are very tempting, and we talked about focusing on some of those type of neighborhoods. However, we needed a certain size home, and the new version of that home would be more expensive. Basically we would have to trade space, for youth. We didn’t think it was worth the trade-off. Especially if part of the “youth” meant no trees.

Waiting on the porch

Yesterday…when we were watching the wind bring in the storms that would have us hearing 5+ tornado sirens yesterday afternoon? I was still very glad we opted for the trees and even more happy that we had a porch to watch them sway from.

10 thoughts on “Porch”

  1. He’s so cute!

    I love watching storms – when I was Wes’s ages I was petrified of them – I have a memory (A very vague one!) of being about 3 or 4 and there being a storm and the lighting lit up the whole house it was that bright!

  2. I don’t always comment, Z, but I always read your posts and look at the photos. What a wonderful porch you have!

    I used to sit on our porch in Cape May and watch the storms roll in over the ocean. That was a neat sight to see.

  3. I miss having a porch. Of course if we had one on this house, it wouldn’t have much of a view (just the houses across the street in front and privacy fence in the back). Yours is great.

  4. Love your porch! We also live in an established neighborhood and have so many trees in the yard that all we do in the fall is blow leaves. But I love it and we have a tiny porch that has two chairs and we practically live out there year round. Enjoy those moments with your kids, you inspire me to slow down and see things thru their eyes. Thank you.

  5. Love the first pic of Wes looking out into the weather.

    Trees were one of my top 3 things when we bought our house. The newer houses with their perfect grass and their tiny saplings (or worse yet, none at all) made my soul cry. Raking be damned, I love every tree on our lot. : )

  6. Oh man, I do love me a porch. I swear, if we could only move Chicago to the midsouth, then I’d really be in heaven. If I had a porch like that, I’d have my entire family sleeping out there all summer long. Love it.

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