Clarity and Joy. And a Healthy Dose of Exhaustion.

I have been a Mom for 15 years, but never an Aunt. Until yesterday. I think the appeal of being an Aunt has always been there because my kids are blessed to have wonderful aunts and uncles and I’ve often wished I had the opportunity to return the favor. Yesterday, MrZ’s brother and his wife gave me the honor by delivering their son around 3:30am.

If you take everything catastrophic and life-endangering off the table – because thankfully nothing like that happened – my sister-in-law had a pretty bad series of events during her delivery. She planned on having an epidural but was not allowed due to medical issues. After working her way through epidural-free labor for almost 24 hours she pushed for almost 2 hours only to end up having to have a c-section due to position and size of the baby. But let me tell you this – watching her go through all of this with strength and poise and focus? Inspired me. I told her, she taught me more about the strength of Motherhood before her baby was even born, than I’ve learned in 15 years of having a child of my own. Witnessing her bravery and strength inspired me and shook me to my core.

Even though I had only had a minimal amount of sleep I spent yesterday going about my day with a sense of clarity that I have not had since Dad died. Sometimes, when you are in stuck in an emotional funk, it takes something big to shake us out of it. I’m not saying that life is now perfect because of my nephew and his amazingly strong parents, but I can say those things gave me a sense of clarity I haven’t had in ages. Gave me a glimpse through the fog. Reminded me I’m stronger than I’m allowing myself to be. We all are. We all underestimate ourselves and what we can handle, I am grateful for being reminded of that. And hopeful for the lasting effect it will have on my own emotional well-being.

SO! To wrap things up? I’m happy! And Inspired! And also worn-the-hell out! But most importantly? I’m officially Aunt Kim.

8 thoughts on “Clarity and Joy. And a Healthy Dose of Exhaustion.”

  1. Congrats to the whole family on the new addition! And you’re right, those pictures are sweet and hilarious. I especially love the smirk…. 🙂

  2. My sister had an extremely long labor, pushed for four hours, and I’ve always said that the only thing that could have made it worse (minus the catastrophic) is having a c-section after all of that. You sil certainly is strong.
    Congratulations, Aunt Kim! Being an aunt is fantabulous!

  3. Congratulations on being an aunt and being able to be there with her. I have 6 nephews and one niece, but they live on either coast, and we’re in the middle, in Colorado! But I’m really excited that my older son and daughter-in-law live just across town, and are expecting their first child in early December.

    Boy you really got your money’s worth with White Rabbit Studios, no matter WHAT you paid!

    Are kids losing their baby teeth earlier these days. When I was growing up I thought the average age for losing the first tooth was around 6. But NikkiZ isn’t the first pre-schooler I’ve seen missing a front tooth. Adorable!

  4. Congrats! I am excited to be a first time aunt in March:) It is always nice when something comes along to jolt us around a little bit, it was a good day for you!

  5. Congratulations on becoming an Aunt!

    Those are great pictures of the kids – I love Wes’ expression 🙂

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