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Advice To New Parents That You Won’t Find In Any Book

Boo Boo

If I could give any new parent advice it would be this: DO NOT EVER INTRODUCE YOUR CHILD TO BAND-AIDS. Every one of my kids has done the same thing, become obsessed and suddenly required band-aids for every single bump, scrape, and bruise. Actually, sometimes my kids make up reasons to need band-aids. If they haven’t fallen down recently (which is rare) then they just point-blank ask, “Can I have a band-aid?” I even tried to get just boring ones that grown-ups use. They still insisted on having one for every hint of an injury. What I should have done for each child the first time they actually needed a band-aid? I should have taken a wad of gauze and taped it on with packing tape. That would have not been cool AND it would have hurt coming off.

Maybe then I wouldn’t have to add “Band-Aids” to our permanent weekly grocery list alongside milk and bread. Because that is how fast we now go through band-aids. And those little wrappers? EVERYWHERE IN MY HOUSE. Why my kids can’t manage to get those flimsy pieces of paper in the garbage can is beyond me.

Oh well. At least they make for adorable photos.

Is that a smile?
This injury? An encounter with a rocking chair that left an invisible bruise. The invisible bruises always require a band-aid.

21 thoughts on “Advice To New Parents That You Won’t Find In Any Book”

  1. I think I was given tough love – if it’s not bleeding then I don’t need a band aid (or plaster lol).

    Sorted hehe. (then again yesterday I had a plaster on my thumb one on my middle finger and one across the inside of my elbow – okay I gave blood so I have an excuse but the thumb was from a papercut lol.

  2. My eldest (6) HATES them. My daughter (3) reacts to them, and my youngest (1) doesn’t even know they exist. Woo

  3. My 3 year old asks for them CONSTANTLY! When her tummy hurts, to cover her nipples (she thinks they are owies and I haven’t quite figured out how to explain they are NOT) and for random phantom injuries. I always manage to put her off long enough for her to forget but she is getting more insistent lately. DAMN those Dora band aids!!!

  4. My oldest is 7 and he HATES band aids. Ever since he was a little toddler he thought that band aids were the cause of pain because the only time he ever saw them was right after he had been jabbed a few times at the doctors office. Now, he’ll go out of his way to avoid having to use a band aid. Unfortunately, he needed stitches a few weeks ago and HAD to wear band aids to school. And, because his brother had them, my youngest (same age as Wes) just had to have some too – even though he had no reason for them. I guess it would’ve been too much to ask for two children that hated band aids, huh?

  5. My kiddos are the same way. My boy, who is 5, has mostly grown out of it, but my 4yo is insistent on a bandaid every time there is any hint of a bump or scratch. It also makes a great excuse for her to get out of bed at night. What’s even worse is that the little wrappers stick to your feet and then get tracked all over the house. Good stuff.

  6. My 5 year old is scared of band aids. This is good and bad. When he really needs one to keep blood off of my furniture, it is a crisis indeed. But I have bought one box of them in his whole life. BTW, ADORABLE pics of AndyZ!!!!! Those amazing eyes!

  7. OMG, so much WORD! to this post! I told my 5yo last night that I was going to start making her pay for them!!

  8. Ha ha! I’ll have to remember that. Mine is still at the age where he’d take off a band-aid and EAT IT.

  9. You are so much nicer than I am. I have decreed that there must be blood (visible to mommy) to get a bandaid. Thankfully, this hasn’t led to a rash of toddler self-mutilation. However, I do often have to inspect tiny spots that might possibly have blood.

  10. I love to read your blog. You’re one of my most favorite ones. I love that you just tell the story of your life, and that you’re mildly sarcastic and you have the same kind of humor in your story telling that I do. You’re awesome to read, and I check in every morning.

    Thanks for sharing your life and making us laugh!

  11. I know what you mean about kids going through a stage of fascination with band-aids, of wanting them for “boo-boos,” both real and imagined.

    But I’m like Michelle. You don’t get a bandaid for every little thing, even if it hurts, and even if it’s visibile. Bandaids are not toys, and I think I’d have a fit if my kids just helped themselves to them.

    My husband always preached that such injuries “need air.” I’m not sure where he got that idea; I think for the most part it’s “bull.” Most injuries need to be kept clean so they don’t get infected, and that’s what bandages are for. But the “it needs air” strategy might lower your weekly grocery bill. :p

  12. My 6 month old (at the time) was strumming the heater vent and cut her finger on it, so being a good mother, I put a a bandaid on her finger.

    Bandaids, btw, don’t digest.

    Just sayin’.

  13. My (recently turned) 3 year old loves bandaids and stickers. And when he gets either one he will stick it on his arm or tummy or shirt and not want to take them off. This leads to either marks on his arm/tummy because he won’t take them off for days or shirts with sticker residue from having gone through the washer or dryer.

    I figure there are worse things he could be into.

  14. My son (will be 4 on Tuesday) is the same way! He rarely ever gets a boo boo that actually “needs” a band aid, but I give in a lot. LOL We have Curious George & Spiderman band aids & they’re awful! They don’t stay on well at all.

  15. Oh, the Band-Aids. I know it! We have several different types, and a specific injury always requires a specific character. Sheesh.

    (I love your little Gryffindor in the last picture… and yes, that’s what the stripes on his shirt made me think of IMMEDIATELY. Can you say DORK!)

  16. (I meant I’m a dork, not you… after I posted I wasn’t sure if that came across as shouting DORK at you. Hahahaha… socially ackward, I am).

  17. I have a friend who bought cute little freezer friend. They are animal shapes filled with liquid that you put in the freezer. So her rule is if it bleeds, band-aid. If not, freezer friend. All boo boos get kisses though.

  18. Mine tried to get into this band-aids for everything mode, but the “only if it’s bleeding” rule that has quelled that nicely.

    Otherwise, it would have been bandaids for bruises, bandaids for mosquito bites, bandaids for everything.

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