Mother Of A Theater Kid, Thing 1


Those of us Moms Who Blog And Also Have Teenagers don’t do a lot of writing about our teens. Partly because they’re old enough to object, and my son kinda likes my blog and I have no desire to change that on the off chance there’s something to write about. Because most of the time? They don’t provide the best writing material. They’re kinda boring. And not very cute.

I mean – let’s face it. Who wants to hear about my teenage son’s t-shirt and jeans when I could be writing about Nikki’s bold fashion choices. Which is more entertaining: E’s thoughts on putting a year between taking Latin I and Latin II or Wes’s reaction to having the garbage man honk at him? The teenagers, while interesting? (Sometimes.) Are rarely cute and entertaining.

But today – I’m writing about the most fantastically cute and PLEASE DON’T EVER LET ME FORGET THIS moment that E had on Friday. He may kill me for writing about it; but I may also not care. Who knows.

He was at callbacks for Beauty and the Beast late Friday. Since he was just desperately hoping to be part of the ensemble like last year, this was a good thing. However, since his Mom is old and wakes up at 4am most mornings, this was a bad thing. A little after 10pm I decided to get in the car and drive to the school and just sleep there while waiting on E to finish. I used this technique often during Seussical rehearsals – it allows me to get a little sleep but doesn’t risk E not being able to wake me up when things are done and he calls.

I’m on my way there when he calls on my cell. The conversation went something like this:

Him: In squeaky excitable whisper voice OH MY GOD. GUESS WHAT? I GOT A REAL PART!

Me: in squeaky excitable SCREAMING voice WHAT? HUH?

Him: Me. I got a part. With lines. And my own parts in a song. ME. I DID IT.


Him: Yes!

Me: NO. WAY?!

Him: YES!

Me: Wait. Tell me again. WHAT? YOU GOT A PART? ARE YOU SERIOUS?

Him: YES!!!!!!!!!! The creepy asylum guy – Monsieur D’Arque – who Gaston bribes to take Belle’s Dad. He has a song he sings with Gaston in the musical. He’s super creepy. AND I GOT THAT PART.


Him: Yes! I SWEAR.

Me: OH MY GOD. Okay. I’m on my way already. Like one minute away. I’m CRYING I’m so happy for you!


Seriously. It’s not verbatim? But that’s about it. I was unable to say anything coherent or remotely intelligent because I was so excited and in shock. Not because he’s not good – he is – but there are a LOT of good guys in the program. But I was also incoherent because I’ve never – IN THE 15 YEARS I’VE KNOWN HIM – heard him that excited about anything. I mean – his voice? The amount of joy coming through the phone? Was intoxicating. I was so happy for him in that moment I could have conquered the world. I think I’ve forgotten how to be that happy because I’ve had trouble erasing The Sad in my life since Dad died. But in that moment? And the entire squealing car ride home when I made him tell me EVERY THING THAT HAPPENED – He and I were both truly happy.

And I never, in one million years, want to forget it. First steps? First words? First hugs and kisses? All memorable and joyful. But after 15 years of parenting this wonderful kid? That moment. That voice filled with such excitement and glee and shock and happiness – that is the moment I will choose to hold onto if anyone ever threatens to take the rest away. I’ll give them up. All of them, if I have to. All of the firsts, All of the sweet, all of the cute – just for that one phone call. I will never give that up and have already replayed it in my head 100 million times since Friday because – well? It just makes my heart soar.

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  1. This made me cry a little. Congrats to E!! I can’t wait to read the entries about this new play!

  2. Congratulations to him! Reading about a teenager (especially a male one) being this excited about theatre makes my heart smile. I think he’ll be hooked for life now.

  3. That is great!!

    I didn’t act, but I do sing, and I remember how excited I was to get to sing Oliver and also the song from West Side Story (give of our hearts one heart, something like that) in 10th grade for drama club, I was so excited! So I know how that feels —

  4. I am so glad to read this.I understand a little about how the sad can take over all your life and numb your feelings to your world around you. Here’s to you and E πŸ™‚

    P.s Great that he got the part, School musicals are so much fun and a great part of school life. Plus the teamwork skills and professionalism you learn are great prep for life.

  5. Wow, such a great post. I came here via Chris Jordan’s tweet. I got teary…teens can be so difficult to communicate with sometimes. Congratulations.

  6. E is seriously one of the coolest teenagers I’ve ever read about. Plus, I think it’s awesome that he takes Latin.

  7. One of my greatest wishes is that I have a relationship as wonderful with my daughter when she is a teen as you have with your son.
    Congratulations to E! That’s WONDERFUL!

  8. Please tell him the whole internet community (Yes, every single one of ’em, I checked) is congratulating him and thinks he is indeed the coolest teenager around (other than my own but they tie so it’s OK). Way to go, E!!!!! πŸ™‚

  9. Yay!!!!! I am so excited for him! That is just awesome.

    I was in the drama department in my high school so I know how crazy competitive it is. That is amazing that as a sophomore he already has a speaking part!!

  10. Ow my. Tears in my eyes. I hope to have such a moment in 10-15 years time, of my little boy who’s “only” doing the cute and the first now.

  11. So excited for you and of course for E.

    My youngest has been out of high school for several years now, and none of them were in theatre (or even music), but I always enjoyed going to the high school shows. For that matter I enjoyed everything high school-related that I could (sports, parent-teacher conferences, dances…).

    Hope everything goes well!

  12. What fun! My 14yo daughter is a theater-person, too. I hope to get a similar call from her come this year’s musical at the high school! Congrats to your E! How awesome that he called his mom to share!

  13. My six year old just got a part in his first musical. He plays ‘the child’ I could barely tell people about my child’s Chorus part with out crying.
    This whole parenting thing, who knew it was so much fun? Congrats to E…the creepy guy in Beauty and the Beast!

  14. This is bringing back fond memories of high school, when, after just moving to a new state and a new school, just in time for my junior year, I decided to try out for the school musical (“A Chorus Line”) because I wanted to be one of the dancers. I would have taken anything. And I ended up with a part–not many lines, but a solo song. I was OVER THE MOON about it. So I totally get what E’s feeling, and I only hope that my joy all those years ago brought my mom a smidgen of the excitement & pride that you’re feeling now.

    SO happy for you!! Good times! E will be GREAT! πŸ™‚

  15. Yay for E! So awesome that you’ll be involved, too – I don’t think most parents realize how much WORK this all is….

  16. Oh, congrats, E! That is awesome news. He’ll never forget this, either — the first “real” part with lines is one that he’ll always remember and have a special place for!

  17. Awww! How exciting!! I’ve previously mentioned that I too have a theater kid and these are awesome moments! I cried a little at how excited E is. It is only onward and upward for him! Go E!!!!!

  18. Ok I had to quit eating my lunch to go and wipe my tears!! I totally get that joy you speak of with your teenager as I have a 16 year old son myself. What an awesome post!! Love it!

  19. I really needed this. Alex is 4, almost 5, and I’m mourning the littleness that is about to be gone…I miss my baby. But this reminds me that there will be wonderful, joyful, wouldn’t-trade-it-for-anything moments ahead, too.

    Seriously. Thank you.

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