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All Aboard!

I don’t like leaving the depressing posts top of my blog, because overall? I’m living a joyful life. I’d rather that be the first to display on my internet home. What does that mean for you? TWO POSTS ON A SUNDAY. Yes. I know. Because of me, YOU are living a joyful life too.

My favorite people to ride trains with

We went on a train ride this weekend. The entire family enjoyed it, but Wes? Was beside himself in awe over the whole experience.

Taken by LilZ

After we took this photo, the one in front of the train we’d be riding, I had a difficult time keeping Wes occupied until they let us on the train. He kept wanting to walk around by the train, anticipating the call for us to board.

His own personal paradise

He wasn’t the only one. We were all excited, even Nikki. She was not as in awe over it as her brother was, but like the rest of us – she knew it was pretty cool, what we were about to do.

The girls

When it was finally time to board, the kids excitedly sat in their seats waiting for the trip to begin.

Ready to ride!

And then…the whistle blew and the train started moving. And we started waving goodbye to the train station.

Waving goodbye!

It was about an hour ride, and all Wes wanted to do the entire time was explore the train. His favorite spot was the spot right up front, on the outside of the car right behind the engineer. It was, by far, the loudest spot on the whole train. Most kids only stayed out there until the whistle blew and then they ran inside. Wes? Covered his ears and wanted to stay out there the entire ride. Something about being on the OUTSIDE of the train, hearing and seeing the locomotive carrying us over the tracks, it amazed him.

It was a great trip and we plan to go again in the winter when the do shorter rides with Santa on them. It was well worth the $8/$12 tickets just to see everyone, big kids included, enjoy the ride.

All aboard!
Someone is excited
Loving it
Enjoying the ride

4 thoughts on “All Aboard!”

  1. Your children are just so very adorable! I particularly love the look of awe that appears to be continually on Wes’s face. Your family just looks like such fun to hang out with 😉

  2. Great pictures! I love Nikki’s outfit; she looks like a little hippie. That is a great picture of her and her dad, too. Wes looks like he was having so much fun.

  3. you guys, always with the fun! Today my kids get to play a game over here called, Clean your rooms and be nice to each other. No. Fun. Ever!!! Just ask ’em.

    we love trains — were able to take the Thomas the Tank Engine ride when he made an appearance in Hood River, Ore., and took a ride on an old line that they restored (briefly, then closed 🙁 from Portland to Astoria. Really special memories. We also took the Coast Starlight from Portland to L.A. and *that* was amazing. Go west, young woman! it’s a cool way to travel and play.

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