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Fighting The Giggles

NikkiZ came down the stairs yesterday morning after a Coloring With Markers session in the playroom. I have mixed feelings about markers. I don’t really mind that they end up on fingers and hands sometimes because they’re easy to clean off. But once in awhile all of our furniture suddenly has Sharpie scribbles all over it and and I am reminded that maybe Wes shouldn’t be using them unattended. So, I was letting her color with markers while Wes ate breakfast.

So – she comes downstairs but stops halfway and calls my name. I stick my head around the corner and she says to me, “Mom! I dropped the blue marker a few times and look what happened.”

REALLY? You DROPPED it and THAT happened?

I had to run to my bedroom to wipe the smile from my face and compose myself from laughing so I could discipline her for the lie. I told her she did two things wrong and asked her what they were. She knew because she said, “Coloring on my foot and I lied to you.”

I informed her I wouldn’t have gotten too mad about the foot, probably just taken away the markers or something. But the lie? That’s serious business. So – what is the WORST THING you can do to my daughter? Spanking? No. Yelling? No. (Good thing too because I was struggling so hard not to laugh.) You take away…HER CLOTHES.

I picked her boring outfits out for the rest of the week and she gets nothing else to choose from. I took the dresses and skirts out of her closet and laid out the outfits (Matching! Yuck!) across her dresser. She was DEVASTATED. You would think she was 16 and I told her she couldn’t go to prom. So, between the ridiculous lie and the hysterically dramatic reaction to taking away her clothes, it was a very difficult parenting situation to discipline and punish…WITHOUT LAUGHING.

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  1. But what a great idea for a punishment! I applaud you for being able to think of that on the spot; I’m not sure I could have.

    When my kids were young, washable markers were still new and we didn’t have them at first (or maybe they were invented partway through their childhood?). So I was always very careful about allowing them to use markers at all. Big difference between permanent markers (which eventually scrub off, but it takes many days) and “washable” ones!

  2. I so wish my 6 yr old didnt have a unifrom at school cause that would so work for her!! She loves dressing and picking out her own clothes… lying is a no-no but you know she wont do it agian because taking away her fashion choices is HORRID!

  3. I love your punishment idea. It is unique and definitely tailored to the child. I bet it will really make her think.

    But I would have had a hard time not laughing too. At least she was just as creative with her lie as you were with the punishment.

  4. My twins are 22 months old, and just getting into occasional tantrums. It takes every fiber of my being not to laugh at them. It is just SO funny how angry they get about not turning on the light or having to use the blue and red digger (As opposed to the coveted $1 target blue and GREEN digger)

  5. Please look away while I steal your wonderful idea. My daughter, too, is very particular about her clothes and usually hates anything I suggest, so this idea is belong to me.

  6. Very fitting punishment and will probably be effective. I would have had a hard time keeping a straight face too. What a creative lie!

  7. LOVE IT! That’s one of the toughest things about parenting! It’s hard not too laugh when they do the funniest things that are also so wrong. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. OMG I am dying laughing over here. If I ever have a child who hates having mom pick out her clothes, this is totally the go-to punishment I’ll be using. HILARIOUS.

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