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Sunday night Wes woke up with another leg cramp before Nikki had even gone to bed. She and I gave him a banana and I brought him (and her, she wasn’t going to miss out on the fun.) into our bed and I rubbed his leg off and on trying to ease his pain. After an hour or two of no sleep I decided to give him a warm bath. When I got severe leg cramps as a child, my Dad would fill an old paint bucket (Cleaned!) up with hot water and I would soak my leg until the water turned cold. The warm bath helped Wes slightly and I finally got him to sleep around midnight. He, of course, was out of sorts in our bed so he woke about 4:30am for the day. So, Monday? Beat the shit out of both of us. We both went down for naps around 1pm and I slept about 2 hours, he slept almost 4. Still, not really a whole lotta’ sleep under my belt for the day. Maybe four hours Sunday night, and then a 2-hour nap on Monday, but I was still pretty beat by the time bedtime rolled around tonight.

Here’s to hoping for better sleep ahead.

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  1. So I’m sitting here reading your post the SECOND it popped up in my reader because…I can’t sleep.

    If I lay down and just go to sleep, it means I am sick. Very, very sick. My normal self cannot do that.

    Since I’m running around with two kids under two, I’m pretty ragged by the end of the day. We don’t have a TV in our bedroom (my old method of falling asleep) so now I read, literally until I fall asleep with the book in my hand. Nora Roberts and Janet Evanovich are my two favorite fall-asleep authors since their stuff is generally light/silly.

    That, and you know, wine. But the wine thing can get pricey.

  2. Kim, sorry you can’t sleep! I thought I’d mention that I’ve had leg cramps ever since I was very young. Two things that you might want to try with Wes:

    1. Have him drink a full glass of water right before he goes to bed. I don’t know if this is a no-no for him, but it really helps to hydrate.

    2. When his leg is cramping, have him stand up, both feet on the ground, and throw his arms up in the air (like he’s doing the wave), and then stretch upwards with both arms (keeping both feet flat on the ground). It’s silly (distracting), but it also works. To this day, when I get a night-time leg cramp, I swing my legs right outta bed and plonk my feet down on the ground and then put my hands in the air. 🙂

    Sorry I don’t have any suggestions for getting to sleep. Well, other than writing all the to-dos down as you think of them (even if you’re already in bed). Maybe if you can get the things off your mind, they won’t keep you up. 🙂

  3. The fact that I am reading this at midnight when I have gotten out of bed…is testament to the fact that it must be in the air..

    As I tried to clear my mind…I all of sudden was thinking panic inducing thoughts….grrr

  4. A big glass of whole milk or calcium oj usually stops leg cramps in just a couple of minutes. Our daughter has cerebral palsy and gets them often.

  5. Sleep suggestions!

    Do something stress-free and monotonous with your mind. Amusingly enough, counting sheep! REALLY CAN HELP!

    Or you can try counting backwards from 300, or cataloguing your body from toe to head. For the latter, while you’re lying there, start with your toes and imagine they feel warm and relaxed, then move on to your feet, your ankles, your calves, etc.

    Whenever your mind wanders, just gently bring it back to whatever busywork you’ve given it. Don’t be harsh or judgemental that you lost your train of thought, just head right back into it.

    Good luck!

  6. I can’t sleep either. And I get leg cramps. Lately I’ve been reading using a little book light until I’m just too tired to stay awake but that doesn’t help much the next day when I’m too tired to function. You’d think I’d be tired enough to go to sleep, but nope, as soon as I get in the bed I’m wide awake and worrying about something. So it’s back to reading or just tossing and turning.

    I tried the tensing and relaxing my muscle groups thing once and when I got to my calves I got cramps. I do get up and stand like aphrodite suggests. Don’t know if that will help Wes or not but it’s worth a try. Everytime you write about his leg cramps I feel so bad for him. Poor little guy!

  7. For sleeping when my brain is too busy, I do like the progressive relaxation thing. (the tensing and relaxing muscle groups that Monica mentioned. I actually got an app for my iphone that is a guided meditation along those lines (I also have a CD somewhere of my husband reading one.)

    But therapy was probably most effective.

  8. I’ve had sleep issues for over a month now. I admit there is lot going on in our household, so when I tried to lay down at night my mind raced. Shutting it off just wasn’t an option and this finally dozing off at 1am didn’t work anymore. This weekend I started taking Melatonin and it has helped. It is natural and not harmful. I took it about an hour before bed and so far, so good. Somehow it seems to take the edge off and make you sleepy without a groggy feeling the next morning. Good luck with finding a sleep remedy that works!

  9. Try rotating your fingers one at a time, 10 times each, and counting as you go. I know this sounds weird, but my doctor had me do it, and it really does work!

  10. When I get cramp in my shins the best thing I’ve found is to grab my toes and pull up towards my knee – I’m not sure if this would work on Wes as it can be painful but does fix the cramp.

  11. I’m no good at sleep or cramps but I know BAGS!!! You don’t need a super huge mom purse, you just need a bag that fits what you need. Take the book with you to the back to school section (perfect time of year) and find a bag that has compartments so the book has its own spot. There should be a separate section for all your other stuff and if I recall ages ago you have ‘sub bags’ for groups of stuff (great idea). This way the book lives in your bag and is also safe. good luck and have fun finding a funky fun functional bag (they are out there).

  12. I can’t believe I am going to admit this on the internet, but my husband and I listen to Harry Potter on our IPod every single night. We’re both the types that can’t turn off the day, no matter how tired we are, and we hit upon this by accident 8 years ago. It has to be a book you know very, very well or listening for the next plotline will keep us up. And a good narrator or we’ll just be annoyed. So Harry Potter and Jim Dale it is – every night. We are usually asleep within three tracks, but if we wake up at night and can’t get right back to sleep we turn it back on.

  13. That’s my favorite picture of NikkiZ EVER.

    I go through stages where I’m getting calf cramps at night, and have found two things that help with the kind I get: (1) making sure I’m getting extra calcium; and (2) during the cramp, moving the leg the way it seems like it’ll hurt worse. Like, if I have a calf cramp I want to point my toe to give the hurty muscle more room, but what makes it stop hurting is pulling my toe up toward my shin.

    For your sleep, I got nothing. I go through stages of tricky sleep, and sometimes I get up and read, and sometimes I sleep in the recliner when I get drowsy reading, and sometimes I get up and blog, and sometimes I keep pen and paper next to my bed and write down everything that’s on my mind so I can stop churning it. And sometimes I take benadryl.

  14. I find the 2 things most likely to keep my brain from shutting down are 1) having been around a bunch of people, so I can’t stop worrying about what I said and 2) I have some task I don’t want to do hanging over my head.

    There isn’t much that can be done about 1) except force myself to focus on other things – listening to music helps. For 2) of course it means just making that dreaded phone call (which is usually the task for me). I only comment about these because we seem to share some of the same traits, so perhaps this is the case for you too.

  15. I’m an insomniac, so I totally feel for you on the no sleep thing. I drug myself every night, because if I don’t, I get so anxious about possibly not sleeping that it turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy. I’d rather take a Tylenol PM every night than suffer without sleeping.

    Do you have a fan or any other sort of white noise producer? I was totally opposed to getting one (I thought that without absolute quiet, I’d NEVER get to sleep), but it was a miracle. The only problem is that now I cannot fall asleep without a fan on. When we travel I pray that wherever we’re staying has a fan.

  16. The two things that work for me:
    If I’m making lists in my head, just get up and write the damn list down already. Then go read a book or something to break the mental cycle. If I do both by flashlight, somehow my brain remembers that it’s supposed to be in bed.

    Somewhere I found a tip to count down from 300’s by 3’s. That worked incredibly when I was pregnant. Just hard enough that you have to concentrate, but not enough to wake you up. (I just read the other comments – so I guess I’m seconding this).

    The only thing that helped me when this got really bad (wedding planning and finishing up my Ph.D.) was to just get it all done. Month after month. Not sure how I did that on continuous 4 hour nights, but I do know that I couldn’t do it now with a kiddo… so… deep sympathy!!

    Would one of those warm rice/oatmeal/bean bags or a hot water bottle help Wes? Is he still too young for that?

  17. I keep paper and a pen beside my bed to write things down as I think of them, and it helps ease the pre-bed anxiety a bit!

  18. When my grandchildren have leg cramps I slip a bar of dial soap between their legs. It works. There is something like sodium chloride that is absorbed by their legs and it helps. I can attest to it working. Another trick is to have them take a tablespoon of pickle juice. My gchildren don’t like pickle juice so I cannot say if that works.

    Good luck

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