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Wes’s Truly Awesome, Fantastic, Brilliantly Superb Day

Tuesdays are trash day at the Zoot house. And just like Mondays (Curbside recycling pickup day.) I spend the morning with my ears tuned in for the sound of the BIG TRUCK coming up the street. We often miss the recycling truck as he comes around naptime, but the garbage truck usually comes right before we leave to take E to school so we often hear him and sit on the stoop waiting for him to come take our garbage. Yesterday we caught him, and like usual, Wes waved frantically at the driver. The driver waved back yesterday, which we thought was the MOST AWESOME THING EVER.

We were wrong.

Since Wes kept waving at him, even after he waved back, the driver honked his horn for us. And right then? Wes died. He could not believe what had just happened. We had to call Daddy at work and tell him all about it. We told the E on the way to school and we told the preschool teachers when we dropped of Nikki. He was just beside himself with excitement. CAN YOU BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED, Mom?

(Sidenote: My Dad would have LOVED that. He was kinda fascinated with big trucks too.)

Well…just when Wes thought he had reached the high point of his day, we came home to this.

See…our landscaping on the front of our house is not really the type we either like OR want to manage. It’s a bunch of big shrubs that would require some massive trimming and then maintenance to keep them from growing over the stairs. There’s a hodgepodge of stuff going on in the flowerbeds, none of which is low maintenance. And there are weird issues where obviously things died and they were just removed leaving gaps in whatever design there was going on. I called a local landscaper (whose receptionist immediately bragged about it being the only female-owned landscaping business in town – which I LOVED) and she came out and priced digging EVERYTHING out (except 3 crepe myrtles and one non-maintanence needed shrub) and starting over. So they brought the bobcat in yesterday morning to dig the stuff out. When they’re done I’ll show you pictures of all the stuff they found in the shrubs/flowerbeds. Have I ever mentioned that the family that lived here before had 8 kids? Well, half of their shoes were left behind in our flower beds.

I never took a “before” picture, but here’s a coupled “just got started” pictures:

Basically they’re digging everything up and planting some Azaleas and some ground cover in the beds that I wont have to think about. I want LOW MAINTENANCE since I have no interest in taking care of anything. It needs to be able to survive on it’s own around here. Just ask our kids.

Wes and I sat out IN THE RAIN yesterday and watched them dig everything up. I don’t think Wes understood at all what was going on, but he did NOT want to stop watching when we had to take the kids to the vet. I didn’t think the bobcat would still be here when we got back but it was and Wes watched out the window until they left. I’m certain the entire time he was thinking, “If only I could drive that thing…”

I know – without a doubt – that today will be nothing but disappointment after yesterday. As a matter of fact, it may just go downhill from there. That was a damn good day for a 2-year old little boy.

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  1. Do share the name of the company…. we could be looking for some landscaping help as well.

    I miss those days when the kids were fascinated by something other than the computer/tv/video games.

  2. Yes, Please!!! Share the name of the landscape company!! I am sure Scott is tired of me telling him he needs to trim the bushes!

    Two words of advice….ZAM-BONI!!
    Take that kid to a hockey game! If his birthday falls during hockey season, you can have a party there where he would get to…..RIDE THE ZAMBONI!!
    I had thought about it for Piper, but I can’t figure out how to actually hitch a ride….or say that I am turning 5, not the cute little girl next to me who has absolutely NO interest in being the center of attention at a hockey game. She’s just there for the chicken dance and cha cha slide!

  3. Your kids are hilarious. And your house is GORGEOUS. I think this is the first you’ve posted of the outside? I hadn’t realized how big it was.

  4. I agree… love the house!

    And I can just picture Wes (are you dropping the “AndyZ” or just mixing it in now and then?) in extended glee. Maybe some of his excitement will extend into today — or maybe you can get him to draw the bobcat and talk more about what they do, what they’re for, etc.

    We used to have a board book called “Things that Go,” which had photos of trains, planes, cars, and construction equipment. One of my boys’ favorite books!

  5. Your house is so pretty!! Congrats!! And I love the crepe myrtles… I am trying to find some to plant in my back beds here…

    Poor little Wes, he is going to be so super bored today!!!! 🙂

  6. That is a great picture of Wes – love the perspective.

    You are so ambitious to do the landscaping right away after moving in. I would have waited until everything died or got out of control before making any changes – in fact I’m still doing that 14 years later

  7. oh my ! you have to get him these movies , I rented them at the library and blockbuster and bought some at toys are us but that was 11 years ago when my truck loving son was 3 and they were VHS , it was like a series and some of them I think are posted on U tube
    Theres goes a Monstor Truck
    Theres goes a Garbage Truck
    Theres goes a Fire Truck
    There goes a Dump Truck
    etc , you get the point , I forget how many there were the monstor truck was the favorite , little 30 minute shows that made me able to wash dishes or pay bills or whatever needed done !

  8. My oldest always loved trucks, too (I loved how he called the UPS truck the “CVS” truck). Any time we’d be out in the car we would point out anything we saw – ditch digger! cherry picker! My husband was out to lunch with a couple of guys when a fire truck drove by. He and another guy (also a father of two boys) both screamed out “fire truck”!

  9. I am not a 2 yr old boy but, even i think thats a pretty darn kickin day! What a lucky boy… so cute that he even had to call his daddy at work. Things like that make having kids so worth it!

  10. Love that you sit outside to watch for the trucks with him. And slightly amazed that he’s so big already. Wasn’t he just born yesterday?

  11. I’ve been loving seeing what you’ve been doing to make your new house your *home.* And it’s such a nice house too–first I’ve seen of the exterior!

  12. My daughter loved waving to our garbage truck driver too. And he would make her day by honking the horn every time. She loved it! She was around two yrs old at the time. And our guy came twice a week. You can only imagine the level of excitement that brought into our house.

  13. I don’t know that I’d ever seen the front of your house before – or at least not “clicked” and anyhow, I love it and I’m just so happy for you 🙂

  14. OMG, I love your house! And yes, that sounds like quite the exciting day for a two year old 🙂

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