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Coloring upside down

I bought the most fun thing EVER this week: Window Crayons. (I also bought Window Markers but THEY SUCK.) The Window Crayons are so much fun! They are a bit too easy to wipe off, however, as you can see Wes’s belly covered in his own art from when he would lean over on the table. Nikki did fine with them though. And when I went to get E’s headphones yesterday out of his room? I saw his mirror in his bathroom was covered in funny messages and reminders. My point? THEY ARE FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY.



We went outside to watch a storm roll into our neighborhood last night. We sat on the stairs and watched the giant storm cloud go from a visible change in the horizon to all encompassing gray sky above us. We felt the first few random sprinkles and waited for the deluge. I don’t think the kids believed me it would happen like that. That we’d go from watching the distinguishable cloud in the sky to being rained on in just a few moments. When it actually happened that way – like I said it would – they both kinda looked at me like I was a god. Like somehow I made that happen. I kept saying, “Here it comes! Here it comes!” Until the sprinkles went to curtains of rain and we ran under the awning. They will never look at me the same again. I am now Mom: Commander Of The Storms.

Rain Dancing


I went to my first official board meeting this week for the Theatre Board at E’s school. I’m a publicity chairperson and I was moronically nervous. I spent the entire 15 minutes before the meeting sitting in the parking lot just trying to decide which door to go in. Once everyone started getting there I calmed a bit because – after the Spring Musical Baptism By Fire last year – a lot of these people I now consider friends. But I spent the hour or so after the meeting reanalyzing everything I said and did and trying to decide if I confirmed in other parent’s minds that I am entirely NOT cut out for this job. Like – I wrote my email for a parent on her notes from the meeting. OH MY GOD…was that totally rude? Should I have written in on a separate piece of paper?

(Do you see how ridiculous my social anxiety is? Would I have cared if anyone wrote on MY notes? No. WHY AM I FREAKING OUT?)

Anyway…I did leave with this giant stack of full-size envelopes to deliver to various schools/offices around town. This giant stack of IMPORTANT BUSINESS made me feel SUPER COOL. I walked into my house with my arms full and expect my family to be all, “Look! It’s our super-important mother with her giant stack of super-important envelopes! We are so lucky she has time for us with all of her super-important business she must attend to!”

They were all upstairs watching TV. *sigh* They just had to trust me: I’m Totally Super-Important Now.

7 thoughts on “V.I.P.”

  1. Where do I find these window crayons??!! My children NEED them for the sliding glass door. It is positively empty and they would LOVE these!

  2. You are not alone in your social anxiety. (you have no idea how many times I’ve started a “comment” here, just to erase it thinking I sound like an idiot), but here goes nothing! I also sit in the parking lot. Even if I know which door is right, there is no way in the world I will be the first one through that door! I probably wont even be second. It’s my check and double check, mental system I have going on. Crazy. I know. 🙂

  3. When I was little I thought my mother was a Weather Goddess too. We would be riding down the road and she would be all, “Girls, the rain is about to stop. Are you ready? Listen!” and then we would go under a bridge and the rain would magically stop. It took me YEARS to figure that one out! I’m a sly one I tell ya!

  4. I want some! I wonder if you can get them in the UK – maybe I should email the Bedford office upstairs from my office and see if they can help lol

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