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Thank You, Panera.

I still don’t have internet at my new home. I had some issues last week with Comcast not showing up to turn on our service. I bitched online. Several Comcast people contacted me, reassured me it was isolated, sent a nice guy out last Thursday to get things set up. He gave me his cell phone number because he was going to have to come back Friday since one of the jacks we needed required special tools. I was okay with this! I’m okay with most issues that arise with service because I’m a reasonable customer! And he stood me up yesterday. Didn’t return my phone calls. *sigh*

So, I’m at Panera just to relieve the anxiety that is building up from not blogging. I was thinking how I didn’t want to show you pictures of the house until it was “done” – then I realized it will never be done. So, here are just some pictures of random things I want to tell you about. YAY! Random!

New House

My new fridge with my old personality finally put on it. The house didn’t have a fridge and the one at our old house is staying with the house, so we bought a new one last week. It didn’t feel right until I put my stuff on it. I still have a few postcards I haven’t found yet, but for the most part? It’s my fridge.

New House

Our aprons. Mine and Nikki’s were gifts and came from Anthropologie. I got Wes’s from Etsy.

New House

We set aside money for furniture when we started shopping for houses because we knew we’d need some if we found the size house we wanted, and we haven’t bought hardly any real furniture as adults. This was our first purchase and still our favorite. It’s from a new little import furniture store in town called Nadeau. It’s brilliant and we’ve bought several other pieces there – all reasonably priced. I may or may not have kissed this table several times.

New House

Dad’s Shelf. I put all of his books I salvaged for sentimental reasons (he had hundreds of books) and several of the miscellaneous items that were special to me for a variety of reasons.

New House

The built-ins in the “Man Room” – which will be the room Donnie watches football. He’s going to finally get a sound system that he’s been wanting for years but our old house had a too-small living room for such a thing. This one is huge. I took charge of putting the books in the built-ins and made sure to keep it as masculine as possible. In other words – the Twilight books? In the “Girl Room” downstairs. Next to my hot-pink hardback copy of Alice in Wonderland.

New House

NikkiZ in her Big Girl bed. LilZ got a new bed and this is his old one. She is not transitioning as well as I’d hoped but she loves it – nonetheless. I painted this room and Wes’s – but I painted them last so they look much better than LilZ’s and the playroom. I learned a lot in the two weeks I spent painting. NikkiZ really wanted a pink room but I couldn’t do it. There is already more pink in our lives than I can stomach on most days…lavender was our compromise.

New House

Was she happy to have pictures of her family in her room? No. Was she happy when this one finally found it’s way out of a box? Of Course.

New House

I bought these little butterflies on clearance at Hobby Lobby over a year ago. I told NikkiZ we had to leave the in the packaging because they’d be for her own room when we finally bought a new house. It was very cathartic to finally hang them up. She wishes they were pink.

New House

We are going to have an upstairs “office” area for the kids to use. This is it. Since we only have one desk, it looks a little pitiful right now. But since Comcast hasn’t turned on our internet yet? We see no reason to stress about it.

New House

Wes’s room. (I painted it!) He was already transitioning sleeping in the trundle at the old house, but then his sister was in the top part. He’s actually transitioned quite well but I think that has more to do with him being exhausted at the end of the day and less to do with anything on my part. When we feel comfortable that he won’t roll out of the bed, we’ll push the trundle back under the real bed, but until then? He’s sleeping ground level.

New House

MrZ’s old abacus and Wes’s piggy bank. They look cute on display. When the kids shared a room nothing was displayed except for a few figurines of NikkiZ’s on a shelf on the wall. I’m looking forward to setting things out in their rooms now.

New House

We scored this table on Craig’s List. I’ll be reupholstering it eventually, but it’s perfect for the kitchen. And since it’s used I have no concerns with it getting destroyed. Love this find.

New House

I’m very weird about coffee. I have to have it every morning but only my coffee in my house. Take the same brand, same coffee maker, same sweetener and same creamer and put it somewhere else? And I’ll swear to you it tastes funny. This coffee tasted perfect the first morning. That’s how I knew we were home.


Well…the coffee and the monster pile of recycling. That is when it truly felt like home. And for the record – the beer bottles? Not all ours. We had our first family dinner at our house on Sunday. Most of those are from other people. I SWEAR. The diet cokes, however? ALL ME, BABY.

Hopefully we’ll have internet again soon. I’ve missed you all and truly hated doing the whole “Mark All As Read” thing in my feed reader this morning. But several hundred entries? In the 20 minutes I’d have internet? No. Can. Do. Gotta blog instead.

33 thoughts on “Thank You, Panera.”

  1. Sorry about the Comcast snafu. Seems to be typical when it comes to getting a serviceperson to come, that SOMETHING will go wrong.

    So good to hear from you again… I missed you!

  2. Love Love Love your new house! You are doing a wonderful job decorating it. We have those butterflies in the nursery at the daycare I work at. Everyone loves them.
    Make sure you don’t get charged for the days you don’t have internet! Keep the date they were supposed to turn it on and the day they finally get it done written down so you can get a credit or whatever.
    Can’t wait to see more of your house =)

  3. I love the Dad Shelf. That is wonderful!

    You’ve done an awesome job painting. I can’t believe you did that dark paint. Wow.

    Everything looks great. Can you come help me decorate and paint my house now?!

  4. Yay new house! Glad things are getting settled, and hope internet settles soon too! And great job on the painting – don’t you want to come to my house?

  5. Yay for the new house! And I’ve watched the HP trailer so many times that my husband is requesting I put on headphones from now on. Sigh.

  6. Not to freak you out, but it took a month and half (or was it 2 months?) for Comcast to get our cable/internet/phone stuff hooked up. So frustrating. Here’s to you getting it done much faster than I did.

    Also… your house looks great. Great colors, great furniture, great decorating.

  7. Your dining table looks great!

    Sorry about our tech not showing up. I work for Comcast and I will be happy to get the repairs expedited for you. Email me!

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  8. Kim,

    I love the whole fridge thing! My husband thinks I am crazy because whenever we moved, the VERY FIRST thing to go to the new house is my fridge decor: Pictures, alphabet magnets, etc. He doesn’t understand it but THAT is how I know it is finally MY home.

    Lovely house! Congratulations!

  9. I love that dining room set! Have been looking at new sets for months and just can’t find the right one, that one looks extremely close to THE ONE. Need a Nadeau in WA.

    I love the Dad Shelf too!

  10. All AWESOME. Makes me want to go redecorate both my bookshelves and my kid’s room. Except I still lack the space to do either. So, jealous.

    Except the Comcast standups. Having been there and left, this is still what I think of when I hear “It’s comcastic” – “OH, it makes me sit at home for hours only to get stood up and then it doesn’t really work that well anyway? Got it.”

  11. they’re stalking you! me too!! πŸ˜‰ it never occurred to me that ny would have a hard time transitioning. i was worried about the puppies and wes!

  12. So great to hear from you πŸ™‚ And wonderful to see how your house is becoming your home as you add your bits and pieces of personality. I kind of want an abacus and a piggy bank for my shelf now πŸ˜‰

  13. You look so settled already. Impressive, and it all seems so homey. Oh, and Nikki will be so glad her room is lavender in a few years when she’s out of the pink stage. Lavender is a much more flexible color.

  14. I love the new house and great work on painting all those rooms! the kids are going to love all the space…see how i am all talking like i knew what they had before or like i know what they will love in the future? is mommy-crystal ball. am so excited for you and can’t wait for you to get the interwebnets up in your new house so we can see more pics! and omagosh, swoooon about the beautiful new table.

  15. Love the pics of the new home!

    What about Lil Z’s and your bedroom-love to see how they turned out!

  16. The green piggy bank is soo cute ^^, and I love your dining area by the windows ~~ hope u get your internet soon! =D

  17. Yay, you’re back! And with awesome pictures, too! I love your new place; it already looks so wonderfully home-y and lived-in. You have great taste.

    Also, I love that you put Comcast on blast, with their number on your fridge and everything. Hee.

  18. The house looks great!!!!! And that dining room table is killer baby killer!!! πŸ™‚

  19. De-lurking to say – love the house, awesome paint job, keep up the good work and congrats on your forever home.

  20. Love, love, LOVE your new table and chairs! Awesome. Your house looks beautiful, have fun settling in!

  21. So good to get some updates πŸ™‚ I get so used to hearing from you almost every day that your being out of contact is just strange hah!

  22. You should see how many Coke Zeros I drink in a day. Quite sad, actually.

    LOVE your dining room table. Things are shaping up!

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