Playing in Puddles! Or Not. You know. Whatever.

Letting your kids jump in puddles is the cliche thing you do/say that indicates you allow those free-spirited and KRAZEE activities in your family. That’s just the go-to activity that demonstrates, Hey! I’m not a boring Mom! I used to let LilZ do it all the time because we lived in this apartment complex that would have fantastic puddles in the parking lot after a good rain. I don’t like mud puddles, but parking lot puddles? Not a problem for me! Jump away! Splash all day! Yes…that rainbow substance in the water is cool! And probably poisonous!

AndyZ and NikkiZ have not been given that sort of freedom until yesterday. It just never came up in any situation that didn’t involve a parking lot into Target. Which, you know, gets cold if you’re wet. But at the playground yesterday, there were some great huge puddles (No mud! Only mulch!) so I gave them permission to do all of the jumping, splashing, messing around they desired. I even told them they could slide down fast into the puddles at the bottom of the slides if they wanted. We were going to get all up in some puddles and we were going to have fun while we were doing it, dammit.

Not wanting to




Puddles are boring

Or, you know, not. Whatever.

This was my biggest let down as a parent. They had no desire, whatsoever, to get wet or dirty. AndyZ didn’t mind going down the slides with puddles once he realized his diaper protected him. But his sister? As clean and dry when we got home as she was when we left.

In other words, after the next rain, can I borrow your kids? Thanks. Mine are kinda boring.

10 thoughts on “Playing in Puddles! Or Not. You know. Whatever.”

  1. My oldest is like that. If I tell her not to do something, then watch out because that’s the thing she wants to do most. Give her permission, and she doesn’t want to have fun anymore. These kids…! You can borrow my youngest though. She just turned two and isn’t afraid of anything. She’s the child that will probably give me a heart attack!

  2. We have some AWESOME puddles that form on our front sidewalk. Clean puddles, only water. And it is right in front of our house, so they come in and strip immediately. One day, they went through 4 changes of clothes, but I did not mind because they were having so much fun.

  3. Hysterical! If they are anything like my kids, the next time you want them clean and dry those puddles will suddenly look like tons of fun!

  4. My boy is like that sometimes! And other times he goes crazy in puddles. It just depends on his mood. Or maybe it’s that I let him jump in the puddles whenever he wants as long as it’s not on our way somewhere.

    We’ve been having tons of rain here in the pacific northwest- maybe I’ll surprise him by jumping in the puddles with him!

  5. Kids ruin all the fun! Seriously, though, it figures they won’t want to do something when you really want them too!

  6. That is too funny! I love the pictures.

    My son got a pair of rainboots last summer and for some reason he thought that meant he wouldn’t get wet at all if he jumped in puddles. The first time he jumped in one the water splashed up higher than the boots and got on his shorts. He was so shocked. The look on his face was hilarious.

  7. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has these moments all built up in my head, only to have them.. not quite live up..

  8. Heh well I don’t have any kids to lend you, but I’ll totally come jump in the puddles myself 😉

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