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Birthdays…Zoot Style.

AndyZ’s birthday was Friday, and to celebrate I booked the evening solid with dance recitals and then a camping trip at the Botanical Gardens. Go me! I’m the master of planning, you know. I mean, what boy doesn’t want to spend his birthday watching his sister dance? It’s the dream celebration!


The camp-out, on the other hand, we knew he’d love. We’ve only been able to do one of the camp-outs since AndyZ was born because of rain so I was thrilled that the bad weather cleared out before Go! time. He didn’t remember much from the last trip as he was, you know, a baby. If you’ll recall, I camped there a few days before I was scheduled to deliver the birthday boy so it was a bit fitting to be there again on his second birthday. One of the staples of the Gardens, a wonderful man named Harvey, came up to talk to us and asked us how old AndyZ was. I said, “Two. Today! We actually camped here two years ago a few days before he was born.” He looked up at me and said, “I thought that was you. We tell that story a lot.”

HA! We’re a story now! The crazy pregnant lady camping mere days before she was due to give birth! I’m famous.

It was loads of fun, although MrZ opted to stay home and build a closet. Jeez…some people are just so selfish.

Pre-Hotdog Snack

I wish every one of you could do something like this in your town. It is all of the fun parts of camping, without any of the stress. Someone else brings the food. It’s only for one night so you don’t worry about bathing. There are tons of other families in a safe environment. And there are wonderful Garden employees there to tell you all of the cool things you miss on your normal visits. Like giant spiders and millipedes! Yum! If you don’t mind the effort of loading your camping gear for one night, and then spreading it all in your yard the next day to dry, it really is the best way to take small children camping. AndyZ loved it, especially the 9 o’clock s’mores. I didn’t love those as much as I was up until about 10:30 bouncing him around the area singing to him, trying to get him to sleep. I’m praying I stayed far enough from the other tents that no one could hear my terrible voice.

All in all? Great night. The kids slept great and I did too, considering! And then Sunday? We celebrated the real way at Mimi and Grandpa’s house with cake and bubbles!

If no one is looking I can just take the cake AND eat it too
"Don't Touch"
Love the bubble wand

I’m looking forward being able to host future birthdays in our new home (Me: Thinking Optimistically) since it will be big enough. I don’t see how people have birthday parties for kids in their home without a place to lock them up. Which is what I plan on doing. With chains and shackles. We’ll call it a Jail Party! I won’t have to even make good food because Jail doesn’t have good food!

(I’m not going to be very good at this, am I?)

10 thoughts on “Birthdays…Zoot Style.”

  1. Happy Birthday AndyZ!!!

    Camping at the Botanical Gardens sounds like so much fun the closest we have to that is the local park lol.

  2. Happy Birthday AndyZ! We’ve been back in Huntsville for 2 years and we still haven’t made it to the BGs.

    I am really hoping your house situation works out. We should have asked for more repairs on our house, but we were too clouded by emotion. It’s been rough on our wallet.

  3. Oh, I forgot to ask – where did you get those AWESOME candles? My daughter is turning 2 soon and I’d love to use those candles. She saw the picture and really like them!

  4. Heh we had the exact same candles on my best friend’s cake this weekend! Well, I think they were different colours, but STILL. Different countries, same candles. How cool! Happy birthday, Wes!

  5. Where did 2 years go? (I started reading your blog about 2 months before you had AndyZ) Happy Birthday little guy!

  6. Cool! Was AndyZ able to log a lot of time in staring at THE MOON?!?! Also, love the Elmo party hats; Henry is nuts about Elmo too (even though he hates TV, go figure).

  7. Happy Birthday to AndyZ!! The campout looks like so much fun!

    My daughters dance as well and recital is always the third weekend in June, Saturday AND Sunday. My oldest son’s birthday is June 21st, so he’s spent several birthdays at dance recitals. And LOVES it! or not!lol!

  8. Happy Birthday AndyZ!
    We camped out one year at the San Diego Zoo. We got to see the zoo at night, it was a completely different experience. Very cool and quiet. 🙂

  9. Those are fabulous candles! And fabulous bubbles! Happy Birthday, little guy! ps. you are totally going to be great at this.

  10. That sounds like the coolest way to camp — and you’ve made yourself a little tradition now, haven’t you! Happy birthday Andy Z!!!

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