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And So We Begin…


This has been a transition week, I feel. This past week and the weeks to come are just transitioning us to the next bit parts of our lives in several areas. I find this all very overwhelming and stressful and have practically eaten myself into oblivion with the associated anxiety. Hooray for stress-fueled weight gain!

  • Mom got her treatment outline for her cancer. It’s the FOLFOX regimen, for those of you who have had any experience with colorectal cancer. All of that starts with her on May 19th and continues for 6 months, according to the current plan. I’m hoping to make it up there to be with her sometime in June. I feel a bit crappy I can’t be there for everything but she’s lucky enough to have a great support base in Knoxville. Obviously my inability to make friends came from my Father. My Mom’s always been a pro at it. Which helps her out when her kids are in different states and unable to be there when she needs us.
  • LilZ is about to enter the exam prep for his Freshman year. He’ll be out of school before the 1st of June. Freshman year. DONE. We’ll be making our second attempt to get his learning permit, since we learned the first time he inherited my ability to screw up multiple choice tests by rationalizing EVERY SINGE ANSWER. I have one college professor in particular who marveled at my ability to ace the essays and bomb the “easy parts” of his tests.
  • We’re about 10 days from getting the POD for our home which means I’ve been getting our house “POD READY” as I like to call it. Boxing up the crap we won’t need the next few months. Taking all of the personalized photos off shelves and walls and replacing them with my own photography. (Sidenote: This is kinda cool, to be forced to hang the photos I’m insecure about on the walls. I realized: They’re kinda good.) Removing excess pieces of furniture, decluttering. It’s very weird to be fixing up the house to put it on the market. So many things we’re finally doing we always meant to do before. Like find something to hang above the TV. Five years we’ve been debating it. This week? One trip to Hobby Lobby and it was done.
  • We’re shopping around for houses. We are fortunate enough to be able to carry two mortgages for a short while if we need to, and we’ve done enough upgrades to our own home that we’re confident in being able to sell it for what we need, so we could actually put an offer in on a house in the next few weeks. This means I’ve been going to see houses and imagining my family living in them. This is a very weird feeling. Especially since these houses are bigger. (But also older, because we can’t afford a HUGE upgrade.) There is one house I found which may actually give me space to set up my sewing machine full-time! I could actually learn how to sew. And in that house? It would be in a nook under a window. Sewing in a nook under a window? Is that me? Yes. I would like it to be.

So, big changes in our lives. Big journeys. Long paths. It’s very weird to be going through all of these things at one time. To know that in 6 months I will have a mother who fought cancer, a new house, a sophomore in high school and a sewing table. This is me thinking positive. Because I want my cancer-free Mom to come teach me how to sew in my nook under the window.


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  1. Wow, talk about stressful. I’m sure you’ll do fine; you always do. I’ll be keeping your mom in my thoughts and sending you good house vibes. A sewing nook under a window would be very, very awesome.

  2. My father is a colon cancer survivor. I tell you this because if you look at what people say about this disease … ugh, it always seems so bleak, or at least that’s how it felt to me while my dad was going through it.

    He survived. He’s been cancer-free for almost 20 years. His life is not perfect, and he has a bag (for his urine, of all things), but he’s here with us. He’s my daughter’s Nonno, and we are now very close. We weren’t always, and our relationship was very complicated — maybe a little like you and your mom, I don’t know. But he’s here with us now, and it’s wonderful.

    We’re here for you. I’ll be praying for you and your mom, and that’s not even usually my thing. Much love to you.

  3. I have no idea…what is POD?
    Sending best wishes for your mom, and everything else you’ve got going on! <3

  4. Oh I didnt know your mother had cancer! I read every day and I missed that somehow. I remember she had a tumor, but I assumed it wasnt cancerous.

  5. I will continue to think good thoughts for you and your mom. If you ever need anyone to commiserate with about dealing with parents with cancer in a different state, I’m here for you.

    I always love your photos. I’m glad you’re hanging some up in your house- very cool.

    Good luck with the house selling and buying. It’s exciting!

  6. Kim—I told your Mom and I’m going to mention it to you so you can encourage her…the chemo she’s getting is the exact kind I got. Make sure she gets up and moves around often…I didn’t because I was “too tired” and now I have blood clots in my lungs…and I have to give myself shots twice a day for two weeks and then possibly take Coumadin (a pill form of blood thinner) for six months. And while blood thickening is a side effect of chemo (a common one), I believe that if I had walked more instead of laying on the couch watching mindless tv, this wouldn’t have happened.

  7. I’m thinking positive right along with you, and as always wishing you all the best too!

  8. Will be keeping your mom in my thoughts and prayers. Positive thoughts coming your way.

    You sure have a lot on your plate right now. That would stress anyone out.

    Good news about upgrading the house. It’s really hard but so worth it. 🙂

  9. I guess I’m like Heather-what is a POD?

    Hope all goes well with your Mom! The treatment plan sounds like what they just did on my bf’s husband for colon cancer.

    I’ve been missing her blog posts. Hope she will feel like posting soon!

  10. Hi Zoot, sorry I have been a lousy commenter recently. I’m working at a studio instead of my home and my desk is in full view of everyone else so I’ve been neglecting my blog feed awfully. I’m very sorry to hear your mom has been diagnosed with cancer I hope her treatment goes well.

    Do you ever listen to the radio at home? I’ve found its been a life line for me while I’ve worked at home, especially the talk shows. There’s something so inclusive about radio. I don’t know if you can access the BBC radio via the internet but there are some show’s on radio 2 (like Radcliffe and Marconie) that offer, music talk and a lots humour without been mean (and we don’t have adverts!). I know there are great American radio stations as well at the moment I am gleefully listening my way through the entire archive of This American life. Just wonderful stories!

    Sounds like you have a busy time ahead. Go easy on yourself and yes your photos are awesome so plaster them all over the house xxx

  11. I am SO excited for you! This is an awesome time!

    Similarly, I just graduated from law school (bar studying commences now!) and am moving in with my fiance in another city.

    I know I’ll enjoy following your life changes as I experience mine as well. 🙂

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